Moon time

To my period,

I know that I have cursed you in the past. I dreaded you coming. In fact, just the thought of you put me in a bad mood for a week before you even arrived. In my defence, you were a wretched guest – sometimes you even made me sick! It was physically painful to have you around, and worst of all you made me look fatter for a week. Sometimes you even outstayed your welcome… One memorable time I believe you took it upon yourself to stay for 6 weeks!! Remember that?

That is all in the past now period. I mean it when I say ‘please come back!’ All is forgiven (for now, I don’t mind if you go on holiday or something for a few months later in the year). I’m sorry for the times I referred to you as ‘my problem’. I’ve heard other people call you worse things though. I’m sorry for all the months I prayed you wouldn’t arrive, and I even forgive you for the times you were a few days late just for jokes.

So that is all. Let’s forget the past and put aside our differences. I am sorry. Come back. I have been waiting for you for 2 weeks now and I’m starting to get worried.

See you soon,

Your Betty xx


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