Yearning inflater

This started as jokes on twitter earlier, but I couldn’t stop. So, sorry about this. I am pretty sure these anagrams are maybe a secret code. I’m pretty sure that if I go on long enough I will find the answer to life, the universe and everything (jokes, obviously I already know the answer to that).

An angry infertile is an anagram of yearning inflater

IVF’s a shitter is an anagram of faith strives. It’s also an anagram of revisit shaft so not sure we should read too much into it

Sperm analysis is an anagram of manslayer piss, mainly passers, layman pissers and aimless pyrans. Guess it depends on who you are

Down regulation is an anagram of outgrown denial and wornout leading.

Broken fanny is an anagram of bonk any fern. Don’t think that will help, but hey, I am willing to try anything

Dildo camera is an anagram of docile drama and iced armload. Quite like them both

Endometriosis is an anagram of demonise trios which I’m pretty sure is its name in Latin

Low sperm motility is an anagram of wilily postmortem. Feel like there is a joke in there somewhere

Dawson’s Creek is an anagram of co-eds wankers. This upsets me

I am barren betty is an anagram of brattier by name, and maternity barbe

I can’t stop. I really need to go to sleep now. I’m pretty sure I know what I will be doing tomorrow though.

BB xx


5 thoughts on “Yearning inflater

    1. barrenbetty Post author

      Last night I also worked out broken ovaries is an anagram of braver nookies (not sure it really that easy) and
      my uterus is broken is an anagram of mysterious bunker (too true). Think I might be addicted to this… I can’t stop!!! X


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