My enemies

Betty has many enemies. They are all bad. Betty is good like an angel from heaven and she smells dead nice like flowers. Her enemies all smell like really smelly cheese and dead rats. Betty is currently engaged in very dangerous warfare with them all. It’s a good job that Betty is really strong and ready for hand to hand combat, ‘cos these bitches are nasty.

Hope is one of Bettys most dangerous adversaries, for she is a wolf dressed in sheep’s clothing. Literally (and metaphorically). She is a sarcastic old toad.

Endometriosis is another enemy. She combines stealth and knitting to deadly effect. Sometimes she strikes in silence and sometimes she strikes with pain and fury. There is no knowing what she will do next. Betty thinks she is in cahoots with Infertility, but they swear down there is no link between them (even though anyone with eyes can see there is).

Despair is a sneaky turd, literally. She wafts past you and her stench is overpowering. She can floor you when you least expect it. She can smear herself all over you and leave you helpless for weeks. She stinks, and even when you scrub and scrub it’s almost impossible to get rid of her. Despair can spread herself around and infect others. She is a dangerous bitch.

Betty’s arch enemy is Infertility. Infertility is the worst of all Betty’s enemies. Endometriosis and Despair are her foot soldiers. She could eat Hope for breakfast. Infertility is a pug ugly brute. See for yourselves.

So that ladies is what we are up against.

I am sorry for the tragic quality of the pictures. If I was less lazy, I’d have another go at taking pictures of them and editing, but bad news for you is that I am that lazy.  Maybe I will try and fix them later*

In other news, today is day 4 of stims (Menopur). I am highly stressed about how hard I find it to mix up the Menopur. I am having to draw up the liquid, inject it into a vial of powder, draw that up and inject it into another vial of powder, draw that up and inject it into another vial of powder, and finally draw that up and inject. Somehow between drawing up the initial liquid and the final injecting, I appear to lose about a fifth along the way. Marvellous.

I have had the mother of all headaches for the last two days and I am not convinced that the down regulation side effects are easing up at all. I am still injecting those in the mornings until egg collection.

I really hope the stims are working, but I have a horrible squirmy feeling that they aren’t. Damn it, I think Despair has me in a headlock. My enemies are everywhere. They have joined forces and I can sense them circling ready to pounce. The whiff of sewage, dead rats and cheese has reached my nostrils. Ladies and Gentlemen, I think it’s just about time for the FINAL SMACK DOWN!

BB xx



21 thoughts on “My enemies

  1. missymakes

    Yes!!! I have been waiting for an illustration to go along with your story about that bitch Infertility from the other day. This paints me a much clearer mental picture, thanks. 😉

    As for mixing the Menopur, I’ve never used it, but my nurse did teach me a trick to get everything out for my HCG trigger. After you’ve mixed the powder and it’s time to withdraw, invert the vial and pull your needle way down to the bottom with the hole at the tip of the needle facing you. Then tip/bend the syringe (pulling the plunger end toward you) so that the needle opening is *just* inside the rubber lid and facing up toward the bottom of the vial (since the vial is inverted). Then draw up all the liquid! It took me a few tries to get it, but it totally worked. Of course, you shouldn’t do this if you have to inject yourself with the same needle, because it’s likely to be bent afterwards.

    1. barrenbetty Post author

      You’re welcome… now you know if you see her, JUST RUN!

      Thanks so much for the mixing tip. I’m going to try it (read: make my husband do it) later this evening. It’s taken us 15 minutes to do each injection so far, it’s a nightmare!! x

  2. hopefulandhungry

    I love your cartoons (not what they represent) but your artistic ability. I hope you are able to fight them off with great valor!!! I had terrible headaches while on Lupron, maybe you’re having a similar reaction to Menopur. I hope your stimulation goes super smooth, thinking of you!

    1. barrenbetty Post author

      I’ve got the big guns out now, I’m ready for battle!!

      I think it must be the drugs giving me headaches. I feel quite dehydrated too, despite drinking tons of water, which I guess isn’t helping the headache situation.

      I hope you are doing okay on your two week wait and watching lots of Greys to keep you distracted! (if it’s not, START DEXTER! It’s so good you won’t be able to think about anything else) x

  3. Steph Mignon

    I am so, so, so glad I found your blog, being a fellow endo warrior and infertility sister. Your cartoons totally made my day. I’m going to post this blog to the twitterverse so all my tweeting endo sisters can see your awesome cartoons! Thanks for sharing! Despite your bad feeling about the stims, I have good one! I bet (and yes, hope) that you are growing all sorts of eggies in there!

    1. barrenbetty Post author

      Hi Steph! I’m glad you enjoyed them. I do fear that endometriosis and infertility have burnt my already black humour to a crisp :-/ I really hope the stims are working. The consultant told me that because of the endo I “might only get one egg” so I’m a bit on the pessimistic side at the moment! I guess it only takes one so I hope your good feelings turn out to be right! x

      1. Steph Mignon

        Geez, I didn’t know endo could interfere with egg production to that extent. I’m going to read up on your blog, but what stage are you? I’m stage IV, but with no adhesions. Had an endometrioma on my right ovary which put me there. TOTALLY SUCKS, but at least we’re doing something, right?

      2. barrenbetty Post author

        Neither did I! I think it’s partly that I have endometriomas inside both ovaries that are physically getting in the way, and one ovary is being pulled up because it’s attached to the ureter near the kidney making it hard to reach. They also told me endo can make you respond less effectively to the drugs. Whoo hoo. I’m stage IV as well. I’ve had 2 operations in the last year, but they couldn’t completely fix everything and the sneaky bitch is back with 1 endometrioma in one ovary and 2 in the other! ARGH!! I have adhesions galore, and all my bowel/ovaries/uterus/bladder were all stuck together before the ops. Endometriosis is EVIL! Have you been having any endo treatment?

      3. Steph Mignon

        DUDE. F ENDO, seriously. It makes me soooo angry that people dismiss this an a genetic disease… That MIGHT be a component, but I swear it’s something else that all us women are encountering in the environment. Woops sorry – I digress. Anyway, I had a lap in December during which they lasered away dozens of black/grey lesions all inside my uterus and removed the endometrioma. After the surgery, period was STILL painful so I started Chinese Medicine and Herbs which has been a Godsend. I actually feel like I have normal pain free periods now! I ended up getting pregnant in March, exactly 3-months after the surgery, and 1.5 months after starting CM, but I miscarried. Now my cycle is all wacky and I go in today to see if I’m even ovulating since I keep getting positive OPKs. I was itching to start IVF since I know it’s more successful than IUI, especially for people like us. but there’s a part of me that takes my recent pregnancy as a sign to start slow. Argh. It’s all so hope-filled and deceptive! But yeah, that’s my story in a nutshell!

      4. barrenbetty Post author

        Yeah, eff endo. I’m so sorry about your miscarriage. That must be really hard. I’ve never been pregnant, although after my second op I was allowed 6 months to try naturally just in case. I was desperate for it to work naturally, but alas here I am with IVF. I’m (obviously) not pleased anyone else is dealing with this, but I’m also glad to find some other fellow endo sufferers who can understand! I hope you get somewhere at your appointment today x

  4. Isabelle

    Love you cartoon characters. Laughed so hard at the droopy boobs. 😀 Very true about how dangerous these enemies are. I will start my injections of Menopur possibly this weekend, when AF comes. I also found it extremely difficult to mix when I practiced at my RE’s office. I will be on 300iu so that’s mixing 4 times. I hope it gets easier for you (and myself)!

    1. barrenbetty Post author

      Yes, these enemies are dangerous! We need to get together an army to take them down. Good luck with the injections at the weekend… I’ve been a bit better the last couple of days with some more practice x

  5. redbluebird

    Your infertility lady (I use that term loosely) looks just like I pictured her from your other post! I’d hate to run into that whilst relaxing on the beach.

    1. barrenbetty Post author

      Thanks love. I really hope they are working… I just don’t seem to have many side effects. Think I’m in a bit of a pessimistic mood this week! Guess I will find out either way on Monday. It’s been cancelled once, I won’t die if they cancel it again. How are you doing? I hope you are well xx

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