Yet another Mediocre News Bulletin

Like there is any other type of bulletin. I shall start with the news headlines:

1. My scan was over 2 hours late by which time I had very nearly weed my pants. Entirely unnecessary of course since they can’t see shit on an external scan and oh, surprise surprise I needed an internal one anyway. Did I tell you that when I arrived? Yes? Still made me wee my pants for 2 hours? Well of course you did.

2. They didn’t book my ERPC

No, your eyes aren’t broken. They didn’t book me in. Weren’t expecting me and either never booked me an appointment in the first place, or cancelled and never bothered to tell me.

It went something like this:

Nurse: There is a bit of a wait I’m afraid, maybe 30 minutes (lies, 2 hours)

Me: That’s fine. Do you know what time my ERPC will be?

Nurse: You aren’t booked in for anything today

Me: Yes I am. I was told last week that I was booked in the first slot this afternoon, that I would have a private room and not to eat anything before hand.

Nurse: No, you must have misunderstood. We don’t book people in like that and anyway, the ward is full of old ladies (nope, doesn’t make sense to me either) so nothing can happen today. The ward is full. I think you’ve just gotten your wires crossed.

Me: NO I HAVEN’T. The nurse quite clearly told me I was booked in today. It is written on my appointment form, I have all the pre op information. I have already been waiting weeks while this drags out, and I was definitely booked in for today.

This went on for a long time while the nurse denied I had been booked in, I argued I had, until I finally went out to the waiting room, got all the information they gave me last time and went, to my shame, ABSOLUTELY FUCKING MENTAL at her.

Me: I am extremely angry and disappointed that I either haven’t been booked in at all, or you have just cancelled and not told me.

Nurse: (looks at my evidence). Well, it wasn’t me love.

Me: How can this even happen? I spoke to a nurse for a half an hour last week about what would happen today. I just don’t understand how this can even happen?

Nurse: I don’t know, it wasn’t me love.

I ask a lot more questions about what happened, when I can have the ERPC, what happens next, complain and rant some more.

Nurse: I don’t know, it wasn’t me love.

YEAH WELL IT WASN’T ME EITHER WAS IT? It WAS your department and it IS your responsibility. Oh no, don’t apologise. Why would you apologise? Just keep on refusing to be accountable at all. It is REALLY NOT winding me up to the point where I reach full-scale BLIND RAGE.

I am obviously mellowing in my old age because although I wanted to rip all the hair out from her head and throw her out the window, I didn’t.

I didn’t see Nurse “I don’t know love, it wasn’t me” again. She must have had enough of my screaming. By the looks on the faces of everyone in the waiting room, they’d had enough of it too. After that farce, I waited 2 hours for another scan. Still dead. What a surprise. Then I waited for a nurse who would be, “out to see you in a second” for an hour.

I am back home now 6 hours after I went to the hospital. Still me and the dead baby. Turns out my ranting paid off and they have arranged a trolley bed (this screams corridor to me, something to look forward to) on the day ward tomorrow and they will “squeeze me in”. Well, sorry if I’m not grateful. Oh hang on, we don’t say sorry do we?

I will not be surprised if they aren’t expecting me tomorrow either. I resolve not to be surprised ever again at their total incompetence and entire lack of professionalism. My choice appears to be corridor trolley bed tomorrow, or call up every morning for the next few weeks and hope that one of the old ladies has err, gone somewhere else.

So, in summary I hate the NHS. I take back any good thing that I naively said about them last week. They are useless fuckwits. I need to win the lottery so I never have to see any of their stupid fat faces ever again.

BB xx


31 thoughts on “Yet another Mediocre News Bulletin

  1. SubFertileChick

    What the actual fuck? When all this is over you must write & complain. What a complete shower of shit. I’m speechless hun, I only hope you get sorted tomorrow. xxxxxxxxxxxxx

    1. barrenbetty Post author

      It’s a shower of shit alright. I wonder what bad thing will happen next? It’s going to be weird tomorrow on a different ward. I just can’t bring myself to believe it is all going to go to plan. I guess I will update you soon on what awful thing happens next!!!

  2. Aislinn

    Oh Betty I’m so sorry you had to deal with their incompetence. That nurse obviously knows what a ERPC is, you’d think she could act a bit nicer. I hope that your appointment tomorrow goes as well as it can and whoever you deal with is a little more with it.

    1. barrenbetty Post author

      I’m a bit worried because its not something they deal with on the ward I am being admitted to, but I don’t care anymore. I just want it over! I think this is a better option than calling up everyday and hoping they magically have a bed available.. Who knows when that would happen?!

  3. lisaliteration

    Stupid! You would think they would save their idiocy for people who weren’t going through the most awful thing imaginable. Or at least have the decency to apologize and treat you like a human being. I hope they at least have it together when you show up tomorrow.

    1. barrenbetty Post author

      The refusing to apologise thing really wound me up, that’s when I started to get mad. Fair enough, they made a mistake. Say sorry, and work out what to do next. Saying “it’s not my fault” and telling me to call the ward everyday and hope that a bed becomes available just isn’t good enough. Hopefully it will be over tomorrow, but I won’t believe it until I see it!

  4. ecutri

    ugh, that’s super shitty. I am so sorry. It’s terrible having to walk around knowing that you are carrying a dead baby. It’s even more terrible when it is finally gone. Maybe your baby just wanted one more day with you or maybe someone is playing a prank on you, a very very terrible prank. Either way I really hope this is resolved for you tomorrow and I will be thinking of you. Stay strong, dear Betty…the storm needs to let up sometime, obviously today wasn’t the day but here’s hoping tomorrow is the end.

    1. barrenbetty Post author

      Thanks. I’m not feeling very strong anymore… I just don’t know if I can cope with anything else bad happening. I just want it to be over, although like you say I guess it feels even worse then. I am a bit worried that once I don’t have anything to focus my anger on I will just be left at home with it and myself. That sounds more depressing than I meant, sorry. Can’t really believe what happened today, they were truly useless.

      1. ecutri

        See that’s the thing…you don’t have to be strong, you just have to do it. You can be strong later. I was a disaster…I thought there was no going back to believing in anything, but you have to and you get your strength back even if in the beginning you pretend it’s back. I pretended for a good while before I believed my lies of saying I’m ok and I’m ready to move on…and eventually I just was. Let yourself be weak when you need to be. We are all here to support you in those times where you just can’t cope. We understand you can’t put a brave face on all the time. We know because we have all been there and we will support you no matter what. Go have a hissy fit. Go punch a wall. Go drink a bottle of wine. Tomorrow is a new day and not every day will be as shitty as today, I promise.

  5. hopefulandhungry

    I can’t believe you are dealing with more incompetent medical professionals. An apology would have gone a long way, just apologize instead of saying “it wasn’t me”!!!! How aggravating! I’m sorry you are having to deal with this BS when you are already in a shitty situation. xoxo

    1. barrenbetty Post author

      Exactly! I think an apology, followed by “let’s see what we can do. We won’t be able to get you in today, but I will see when we can arrange it for” would have completely calmed me down. Why not admit responsibility when you do something wrong?! It’s clearly a distressing enough time. I’d say miscarriages just aren’t important in a hospital.. But surely they are the main thing the Early Pregnancy Unit deals with. They should care!! What are they doing all day?! I want tomorrow over with… I just hope they actually do something then 😦

  6. InLimbo

    I’m so sorry about your miscarriage. I can’t even imagine how terrible it must be to have to continue waiting for it to end. The incompetent doctors on top of it too – I’m so sorry! I hope tomorrow goes smoothly, unlike today.

    1. barrenbetty Post author

      Thank you. I definitely feel like it is time for the universe to cut me some slack. Can’t believe how desperate I am to become un-pregnant but I just want this to be over!

  7. So, you're saying there's a chance?

    I want to hit the nurse for you!!! Her saying “love” would drive me crazy. You’d think if she felt that personal connection to call you love, she’d actually say sorry and she how she could help you. Grr! I hope that you don’t have to see her stupid face tomorrow and are treated much better !

  8. babyhopeful

    OMG this is so bad I had to pick my jaw off the ground before I could type a reply. I can’t believe how royally they cocked up. I hope you are ok (apart from being so angry which I totally agree with). I hope you get this sorted soon. The nhs need to sort themselves out. We’re actually paying for that service (or lack of). I’d seriously write a letter of complaint. xx

  9. missymakes

    I can’t even believe that lady and her “it wasn’t me” bullshit. Maybe you didn’t screw it up, but you’re here now and it’s your department so apologize for the mistake and get some fucking answers! Ugh – I’m so sorry you’re dealing with all this crap.

  10. bebeparler

    God Betty I’m shocked at that nurse’s attitude towards a woman in a very distressing situation. Where was her empathy? Her kindness? Her compassion? She should be sacked for her handling of the situation. She doesn’t deserve to be called a nurse. I hope you get cared for much much better today and all goes smoothly. It’s all so sad, I’m sad for you Hon. When all this is over, you should complain about yesterday though. Did you get her name? Might save another poor woman going through same. But look after yourself first. Hugs.

  11. redbluebird

    Wow, what a bunch of incompetent jerks. They could (should) have at least apologized! I can’t imagine being in their shoes and NOT wanting to apologize profusely. Let’s send them hate mail.
    Still thinking of you, and sending loads of healing thoughts your way.

  12. mammacod

    I don’t know why they feel they have to torture you with their complete lack of competence and their unprofessionalism on top of everything else. You don’t deserve this (nor does anyone). I didn’t think health care could be worse anywhere else, but apparently it’s a problem the world over. Sending lots of love your way and also lots of admiration for your strength and poise. Keep hanging in there.

  13. The infernal infertile

    I really hope they get off their arses and get you through this next stage.

    Your heart will be broken – none of us know how long it will take you to rally around again because we’re all different. But so many of us know just how you will be feeling – and know that each and every one of us is standing beside you, giving you virtual hugs when you need them, and giving you every ounce of support we can.

    This will end. You will get through it. You are stronger than you can ever imagine.

    Thinking of you xxx

  14. catschristmas

    My husband has a theory that sometimes life is like you’ve kicked a hornets nest. On those days, 3 shit things tend to happen in a row, thus getting stung 3 times by the hornets. Surely you have had your 3 stings and its gonna get better. I bloody hope so! I would send a very angry letter to that woman’s boss too – might help with some of the anger. Most hospitals have a customer liaison person specifically there for that kind of thing. Just a thought. Hugs xxx


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