Spot the barren, picture bonus edition

I quite like that everyone keeps telling me how strong and brave I am, so I don’t want to admit the full horror that the last couple of weeks has been.

Umm, no. I can’t do it. I will tell you that we have a fortnightly recycling collection (BEAR WITH ME) at my new pad. My recycling overflowed this fortnight. With bottles. Lots of bottles. I’d say and alarming amount of bottles. Jesus, when I said I was going to become and alcoholic I didn’t mean it! How all those bottles were consumed by me I do not know. My husband barely drinks so I can’t blame him. If I am still this bad in a few weeks time will someone stage an intervention for me?

I imagine that you already read all of my posts in full, then check back every few days to read all the comments and responses. I imagine this because it is probably true. You guys. Just incase for some weird reason you didn’t read them last post, I will highlight something.

I should make note first that all of the comments cheered me up. I really don’t know what state I’d be in without you all scraping me up off the pavement (sidewalk? do you really call it that or do you just not have pavements over there because you drive everywhere?) and urging me not to drown myself in a bath of gin. One thing that cheered me up inparticular last week was a fellow blogger (single motherhood by choice) who on reading my crumpled up piece of paper post, did this for me. Click on it, go on. Click on it*. How cool is that? I am truly humbled by how many lovely cool people have virtually befriended me.

*NOT YOU SUBFERTILECHICK!! (she had somekind of allergic reaction to Taylor Swift in my last post, God knows why).

Anyways. I am enjoying all the pregnancy updates. In between minor episodes of extreme jealousy and rage, it gives me so much hope. It really does. That sounds a bit worse written down than it sounded in my head. Maybe I will edit it. Nah.

I like it when other people put pictures in their posts. I imagine you are exactly like me, so as a treat here are some pictures of my weekend away in The Best Place In England. This is also where you can play Spot the Barren. Some spots are significantly easier than others.

Bonus picture, my allotment/jungle:


Double bonus picture, harvest from my allotment:

Triple bonus, the jam being made:

I’ve just realised this is the lamest anonymous blog ever. I’ve posted pictures of stuff inside my house, paintings and now me. What else do you need to see to confirm my true identity?

BB xx

P.s. Who do you fancy at the moment? I am currently fancying Norman Reedus. A slight deviation from the norm (lolz) for me. If you don’t fancy him yet, watch The Walking Dead. Those arms. Dear God.

27 thoughts on “Spot the barren, picture bonus edition

  1. So, you're saying there's a chance?

    A few things-
    WIne is healthy, so I think it’s ok to drink that in large quantities πŸ˜‰
    I couldn’t get through the entire YouTube video bc I started bawling about 1 min into it.
    I am completely jealous of your allotment. And jam cooking skills.
    And I love all of your blogs πŸ™‚

  2. Isabelle

    Wow… things that people in this community do for people. I am speechless. I listened to every single second and read every single word. You better believe it, Betty, that it will happen. πŸ™‚ Love those photos. And look at those berries. Looks like you’ve got some work to do there. πŸ™‚ I am so so glad you’re so loved. I am lame. I didn’t (or still don’t) know who Norman Reedus is. I had to google him.

    1. barrenbetty Post author

      I know! Amazing hey! I really hope it does happen but I’m not feeling very hopeful anymore. Hopefully I will get my mojo back one day soon. The allotment is such a jungle… It’s virtually impossible to even walk through it at the moment without getting trapped in a bunch of brambles and weeds :-/

  3. rceg91109

    Well, thanks for making me cry with that video. I mean seriously, what an amazingly sweet and heartbreaking thing for someone to do, someone who I presume is a total stranger to you outside this blogosphere. But man, did it strike a chord and bring out a lot of emotions that I wasn’t prepared for today. (recap: we TTC for 2 1/2 years before finally getting pg with my daughter, whose 4th birthday is today. Shit, I thought she’d have a sib by now. We then TTC for a year, got pg, but it ended in emergency surgery due to it being ectopic. That will be a year ago next month. Then TTC again for 6 months or so…still nothing. So we’ve been on this primary and then secondary IF rollercoaster for the better part of 7 years now) ANYWAY, f*** the bottles. Who cares. One day at a time. Hell, one hour or even one minute at a time is all you can do. The jam makes me happy. Wish I had those skills.

    1. barrenbetty Post author

      You’re welcome πŸ™‚ it’s a cool video hey, I was amazed! I’ve had so many lovely messages and emails too.

      Your journey sounds hard. I can’t believe all this getting pregnant business is so easy for some people… Some of my friends are onto number 3 in the time I’ve been TTC 1!!! It’s lovely you have your little girl though. Hopefully she will be a big sister very soon.

      I am attempting a detox next week… Urgh.

  4. redbluebird

    1. The rule is, as soon as the recycling is picked up, it’s like it never happened. No harm in a little wine!
    2. I can’t watch the video at work (since they completely trust all their employees and BLOCK all videos– even ones I need for WORK) but am super eager to watch it later and cry. I’m glad you have so many people supporting you & rooting for you.
    3. I do love pictures in posts, and these pictures are beautiful!
    4. Yes, we do call them sidewalks. And they exist here. And we drive on pavement… I really like “pavements” though. Maybe it should catch on here.
    5. Yes to Norman Reedus. He’s really the only likeable Walking Dead character for me at this point. But I’m still too busy drooling over Alexander Skarsgard to pay Norman much notice.

    1. barrenbetty Post author

      Dude, terrible news. I accidentally mixed some tins in with the plastic (didn’t know I wasn’t allowed?!) and THEY LEFT ALL THE RECYCLING!!! I now have a constant reminder of my alcoholism sat in my front garden for the next 2 weeks.

      I’m glad someone else fancies Norman, but I also fully support fancying Alexander Skarsgard. Nice.

  5. dogsarentkids

    Can I move in with you?

    I love pictures, but hate posting them. Takes too much work.

    I will not be watching that video. Too many feelings and emotions give me convulsions.

    I am 100% behind drinking away your feeling, except that you know alcohol is a depressant and ultimately makes you feel worse. But whatever. Do it.

    1. barrenbetty Post author

      Aye yeah, move in. There isn’t much room though and at the moment I am living off gin and pizzas… Hope that’s ok? Oh, and I’ve stopped cleaning up and washing myself so it’s all a bit smelly and I look like a tramp.

      I’m so happy that everyone just told me to carry on drinking… *cheers*

      1. dogsarentkids

        I hardly bathe, so between the two of us, it will almost be like one well-bathed person.

        You can always count on an infertile community to encourage more alcohol πŸ™‚

  6. waitingforthesquirt

    Thanks for sharing this…I don’t even KNOW you but I was worry about you. Comments and blogs have helped me so much. I feel your pain, I love your photos (and your drawings) and I really hope we all make it through this. Xo

  7. Fertility Doll

    Agree with redbluebird.. Fresh start now the bottles have gone. I know you’re going to make it – it’s just a matter of time. I hope on the days you lose faith in it, you can pull on the faith we all hold for you.

    Pics of home look amazing. I’m a London girl. I don’t get amazing views like that πŸ˜€

    Oh and my crush is Eric from True Blood.. He makes my hormones happy. Off I go to daydream.

    1. barrenbetty Post author

      Oh yeah, Eric from True Blood is way hot. Good choice. I was brought up in Yorkshire, but moved to London for 6 years in my 20s and we only just moved back. I kind of miss all the business of London, but you can’t beat a good bit of fresh air and some cows and sheep πŸ˜‰

  8. elaaisa

    Ooohhh the English countryside. Beautiful!! Your pictures just put me in a much better mood. I wish I could come and steal some of your blackberries! I love wild berries!
    The song is beautiful! And I agree with you, this journey would be even tougher without the support from other bloggers.
    I’m in a Simon Baker phase right now.I have to say I don’t follow you so much on Norman Reedus. But I haven’t seen The Walking Dead.
    Don’t worry about the alcohol! I actually regret not having had more after the failed IVF. My acupuncturist says I haven’t let it out enough and the first thing I thought is that I should have gotten more drunk…

    1. barrenbetty Post author

      Ooh, I didn’t think I knew who Simon Baker was, but I do! I totally fancied him about 10 years ago when he was in somekind of Australian cop thing. Hawt. He has aged well.

      That’s so funny about the alcohol!! I’ve been TERRIBLE for 2 weeks now, I’ve pretty much gone off it. I’m actually looking forward to a bit of a detox next week πŸ˜‰ xx

  9. newtoivf

    fuck man, that song made me cry…this is the second time I’ve cried today from reading blogs…I might be a bit unstable at the moment (what’s new?!)
    I’m currently catching up on TV I’ve recorded that DH won’t watch as I’m off sick and have been watching ‘The Mill’ that was on TV a few weeks ago (cos I love a period drama) and am quite fancying Matthew McNulty:

    not a massive hottie, just got something about him!
    Thinking of you kiddo, keep hanging in there. And drink some wine for me, I’ve stopped for FET. ugh.

    1. barrenbetty Post author

      It was cool hey! Made me cry a bit, esp after about 3 gin and tonics. I hadn’t heard of Matthew McNulty, but he definitely has something about him. Period dramas make me want to claw my eyes out, otherwise I would definitely watch it. I quite fancy Blake Ritson too… Not dissimilar to Matthew and also a period-drama offender. Google him.

      I’ll have a wine for you tonight, but I am drying out next week. Just went out and bought loads of vegetables, fruit and chicken, yawn.

    1. barrenbetty Post author

      Thanks! I’m officially drying out next week… All this bad food and drink is taking its toll and my clothes are feeling decidedly constricting!! Got my first appointment at the new clinic tomorrow and it’s stressing me out a bit… Really hope they give me a new plan and it’s not a wishy washy waste of time.

  10. Alex

    I love love LOVE the pics – must know WHERE this lovely landscape is! And your post wasn’t lame at all; far from it. I’ve never been pregnant so I can’t pretend to fully understand how terrible m/c is, but watching/listening to the YouTube video, even I had tears in my eyes. Will be sharing!

    1. barrenbetty Post author

      Thanks πŸ™‚ They are from the Yorkshire Dales.. definitely one of my favourite places to go for good walks and good food/drink. I’d recommend it! I’d never been pregnant before either (before the miscarriage). Have you been TTC for long? x

      1. Alex

        Absolutely GORGEOUS – must tell the hubs that THIS is where I want to take a trip next year!! Adore England, btw (what’s not to love, despite what people say about the weather – I’ve survived some pretty hot English summers so it doesn’t rain all the time!). We’ve been TTC on and off for a long, long time – but personal issues got in the way so it’s always hard for me to say how long we’ve “really” been trying. Started seeing an RE last year but it didn’t work out, neither one of us liked the doctor and we stopped going so now we’re in limbo trying to figure out what to do next, which will likely mean travel (= added expense). SIGH!

      2. barrenbetty Post author

        You should definitely visit… It’s lovely there! Limbo is the worst; I really, really hate all the waiting around. I hope you find a new doctor soon. My new one seems pretty good, but still a bit of a trek to get there. Boo. I want to go on holiday too after the miscarriage, but with all the fertility treatment I’m not sure we can justify spending the money!! Urgh.

      3. Alex

        Tell me about it. I don’t know how much it is over there, but at the clinic we had gone to it was an arm and a leg – we’re talking around the $15,000 mark BEFORE medications, which can add another $7000. We’re really thinking about going abroad.

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