An Open Letter to: Everyone

I’ve never reblogged before, but now is the time, my friends. Read this! It may make you furious/mental. Someone was mean to me. I know, WTF? I am SO NICE! I am nice like an angel from heaven. And they were mean to my friends who are also nice and smell like flowers. I feel like I may have opinions on this, but Jenny conveys them much more eloquently than I could. Read.

1 thought on “An Open Letter to: Everyone

  1. hopefulandhungry

    Thank you for sharing the post. Yes, us infertiles can be bitter and jealous at times, but it doesn’t mean we are bitter and jealous people in general. As happy as I am for friends and family having babies (sometimes their 3rd, 4th or 5th), there is part of me that is so angry and feel like it’s unfair that they are blessed with many when so many of us can’t even conceive one, so I can empathize with all of those feelings.


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