My entry and a prize update

Ok peeps. I know I keep saying that Pumpkin Smackdown 2013 can’t get anymore exciting, but I was wrong. I appreciate that will break your minds, but I was wrong and it is more exciting for 4 reasons:

1. You are about to view my entry
2. Emma Cannon is donating a copy of her book Total Fertility!!! The lucky person who wins the Infertility/Fertility Pumpkin Award shall be the lucky recipient of this. FD, Turtle and I are beyond excited. Beyond. No, past there. Even further. Back a bit, a bit more. Yep. THAT far beyond.
3. As well as winning a surprise magical Japanese prize, the Grand Final winner will also win an Official Pumpkin Smackdown cup!
4. I am putting together a small prize bundle for the remaining categories (Lamest Award, WTF Award and Almost Won Award). As these are currently umm, work in progress I can’t divulge their their true greatness just yet. They may or may not in part be made by me. Oh yes.


Now for my entry. I had a pumpkin party of my own this weekend where I handed out knives, a pick axe, drills and hack saws to my nearest and dearest and let them loose in my dining room at a bunch of pumpkins. I’d never carved a pumpkin before and the main thing I learnt yesterday was that pumpkins STINK. Why did nobody warn me of this? The combination of the stench and having to pull its stringy guts out very almost nearly made me vom a hundred times over.

So, drum roll please. My entry. It is a pumpkin representation of my current mental state:

These are the combined fruits of our labour:

I was quite pleased with my first ever carving effort until I saw all the other entries flooding in and now I’m in a bit of a sulk. Whose stupid idea was this competition anyway?

Don’t forget the deadline is Thursday 5pm my standard time. Set your watches.

BB xx

24 thoughts on “My entry and a prize update

  1. Fertility Doll

    We figured the winner’s cup could literally be a cup .. but not just any cup.. you’ll have to wait and see.

    The pic of the three pumpkins: the first looks like you when you were like ‘Oh I know! Let’s compete!’ All evil and stuff. The second is Turtle listening in and the third is me crying. Those teeth are brilliant.

  2. rceg91109

    Ok, I’m insanely stupid and don’t know how to get you or Fertility Doll to actually see my lame-ass entry in Pumpkin Smackdown, so I’m resorting to just posting a comment on our post. (I know, I know) But I admit I didn’t want to email because it would show my “real” email address and my “real” name, and the whole idea of this blogging thing is to be as anonymous as possible. And I’m too lame-o to be on twitter at all. So there you have it. With all sincerity, though, THANK YOU for putting this competition together! Awesome idea and I love it!

  3. Emz

    These are awesome! I totally wanted to join in but we are low on big, western sized pumkins here in the land of Thais. I briefly considered the logistics of using a substitute fruit or vegetable but felt that I would not be properly artistically represented via a papaya…I will overcome these petty obstacles in the future. Be sure to let me know if you have a tropical fruit cutting contest 🙂

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