Lower your weapons! We have a plan (ish)

Wow, thanks ladies. I’m glad I have such a fierce team behind me. I sucked up all your outrage and spoke to the consultant yesterday evening.

ME: Why do I need a laparoscopy again? Why? WHY? Oh god, what’s wrong with me? I thought you said I shouldn’t have anymore surgery? Wh…

DR HERO: (interrupting) Oh umm, yes, well that must have just been an error. You don’t need a laparoscopy. I don’t think it would be beneficial for you to have any further invasive surgery, but I would recommend a hysteroscopy to check on the scar tissue we found and possibly remove a small polyp.

Oh. Turns out that for whatever reason, I was accidentally booked in for a laparoscopy and it’s been changed now to a hysteroscopy. Much less offensive. He also said although he would recommend it, the hysteroscopy is optional and I don’t have to have it if I don’t want to.

When I had the scan, I asked about the lining and the nurse told me that bar the small polyp it looked normal so I am slightly alarmed to hear about scar tissue (thank you ERPC!). I’ve decided not to think about it anymore.

I don’t know about you, but I am finding that whatever hospital I go to, whatever clinic, this entire assisted conception journey is an absolute administrative battle. My new clinic are so pleasant and helpful on the phone, and to their credit sorted this little drama out within a day. Do you feel like you are constantly falling out of the system too? I feel that unless I am chasing and questioning constantly there are delays; that I’d never get any information if I didn’t ask questions. I wonder if they appreciate how uncertain and stressful this whole process is and that a better level of communication would go a long way to alleviate some of that. Hell, we might even be able to book holidays! Make plans with friends in advance! Can you imagine?

So, the exciting news is that I currently have more of a plan than I have had since September!! Scream!! Bad news is that it involves both a) hysteroscopy and b) Zoladex injections. I am going for my first Zoladex on Thursday this week, another one late December, hysteroscopy mid-Jan then commencing (fingers, toes, eyes crossed) IVF after that.

I am confused (no surprises there) about when I finish Zoladex. The doctor said 3 injections, but he also said that I’d be able to start Menopur a couple of weeks after the hysteroscopy. That would mean starting Menopur a few days after my last Zoladex injection which doesn’t sound right to me. Has anyone else been down regulated for months before starting straight onto stims?

I have a follow up appointment next week which is pretty pointless now, but due to my still high levels of confusion I’ve decided to go anyway and shall hopefully come away with a more concrete idea of what is happening when.

Since I’m starting down regulation on Thursday, I’m going to tell myself that IVF3 is officially afoot, even if my transfer (fingers crossed) won’t be until the beginning of February.

Now, come on 2014… show us some love!!

BB xx


15 thoughts on “Lower your weapons! We have a plan (ish)

  1. newtoivf

    Yay! Missed your last update due to drunkenness/hangover but am so pleased its been sorted. I’m constantly on my clinic’s back about one thing or another. .. In the NHS you expect it but when you’re paying? ??

  2. sadietrue

    I feel exactly the same way about fighting administrative battles. We left our last clinic because it was so bad. Even now at our new clinic where everyone is lovely there are waaaaaay too many cock ups and unnecessary processes and everything just has to be so difficult. And would it kill the nurses to phone through test results when they say they will?! I completely feel your pain.

    1. barrenbetty Post author

      It’s so annoying when they don’t do what they said they would. It’s not hard to call you back when they say they will. That’s one thing my new clinic are really good at and I’m very grateful for – they always, always call back when I call them. Silver lining!

  3. Emz

    Good for you for fighting your own corner. You’re blogging persona seems quite fierce to me, I wouldn’t mess with you. Maybe if your clinic knew you as ‘Barrenbetty’ rather than ….whatever your real name is they’d be a bit more on top of their game!

  4. KS

    It’s so true… About fighting for everything. I often wonder if I wasn’t my own advocate and I was passive girl; would I just get forgotten???
    Glad it’s coming along!

    1. barrenbetty Post author

      Exactly! I’m sure my treatment has been sped up just by my insistence to chase everything up and question anything I’m not sure of! It really should be less stressful.

  5. kiftsgate

    I think that given the extra stress that’s due to bureaucracy, admin battles and clinics’ mess ups, we should be given free massages and relaxation therapies! Glad all is sorted. xx

  6. lucy50

    Yes. I absolutely get frustrated at dealing with the admin stuff with the doctor’s office. I heard someone comment (maybe it was you?) that how dare fertility docs have complicated message systems and weird, unhelpful staff when they know all the women they deal with are loaded up on hormones.

    1. barrenbetty Post author

      I don’t remember saying that, but it certainly sounds like something I’d say!! They are asking for trouble messing around infertile ladies jacked up on hormones.


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