Someone glued my arse to the floor

I’m back! I’m back! What do you mean you didn’t realise I’d gone? Good grief, some friend you are.

I’m sorry. You have probably been checking in on me everyday only to be met with a stony wall of barren silence. My only excuse is that I have been busy… I’ve been working hard and trying to get back to normal. I’ve been seeing friends, going to lots of parties, running everyday and getting in shape. I’ve been on a diet and lost 10lbs. I’ve been getting my house ready for Christmas and buying all my beautiful friends and family carefully chosen gifts that I know they will love.

Haha, jokes. Of course I haven’t. I’ve mainly just been feeling sorry myself. I am so unbelievably sad and fed up. You’re lucky that I have such a limited vocabulary and no writing skills otherwise I would wax lyrical here about my broken heart. I am aware that Zoladex is no doubt contributing to my low mood, but Jesus Christ, when I sat down in hell I think someone glued my arse to the floor.

I wrote a really long post, a pity party for your eyes. Fortunately for you I deleted it before it broke the internet with Christmas grinch gloom and misery. I am going to presume that if you are reading this, you either know exactly how I feel, or can probably hazard a pretty good guess.

So, just incase I spend the next two weeks lying on the floor crying with an empty bottle of gin in my arms… HAPPY CHRISTMAS! Good riddance 2013 you massive, massive shit head and a happy new year to you all.

BB xx

36 thoughts on “Someone glued my arse to the floor

  1. dogsarentkids

    The person I was to write a glorious and funny letter to is going to be quite disappointed as well. No wonder we’re friends.

    As you were talking about exercising and losing weight and being all fun at parties, I was shaking my head the whole time, being like.. what a liar. Let’s throw your gin and my vodka into a punch bowl and have a good ole’ time.

  2. kiftsgate

    Very weird. we’re in different countries but our asses are stuck to the same floor…
    I got a stomach flu and can’t even drink. This flu better leave me soon so I can at least have alcohol!!!
    Happy Christmas hon, hope you get to rest a bit and also have some fun!! xx

    1. barrenbetty Post author

      That is weird!! Hopefully we can find a way to unstick ourselves and have a MUCH better year next year. I hope you are feeling better now and can enjoy the Christmas hols xx

  3. journeyformybaby

    I do know how u feel unfortunately. last Christmas came just after my failed ivf. way to ruin Christmas for sure! I really and very truly hope 2014 treats u much better. and I’m sorry. a thorough search left me completely baffled at the whereabouts of my weeny tree picture. 😦

    1. barrenbetty Post author

      Yeah, it’s shit. For some reason I always think that next year Christmas will be better, but in the last 4 years they are just getting progressively worse!! I am pretty sure I am at the bottom now. At least I hope I am.

      1. dogsarentkids

        Me too! I always do the “next year” lie in my head. Even I’m lying to myself at this point.

  4. Smile

    Cheers – a toast from my wine bottle to your gin bottle! Goodbye and good riddance to that shit head 2013 indeed! Bring on 2014 – because it will give us all everything we want, right? It damn well better.

  5. waitingforthesquirt

    I wish you hadn’t deleted the pity party. I was hoping for something miserable to read while I cry on MY floor. You’re not alone pal. Let all those ugly tears out (my acupuncturist insists that this will help). I wish we could fast forward stupid Xmas (and NYE for that matter). awkward blubbery hug for you!

    1. barrenbetty Post author

      Dude, it was painful to read in every sense of the word. I am too tragic for my own good some days. I am unfortunately letting the tears out accompanied with screaming rage… my neighbours must think I am a complete lunatic. Awkward hug right back atcha pal, and Happy (drunken) Christmas xxx

  6. rceg91109

    Well, I for one have actually been wondering how you’ve been doing, but that sucks about the status of your arse. Good to hear from you, though, and hope you find a solvent for that arse glue soon.

    1. barrenbetty Post author

      Haha, thanks! I’m pretty sure I’m not going to find it at the bottom of a wine glass (bottle), so maybe if I sober up and get exercising again after Christmas that will help. Maybe.

  7. mammacod

    Well, _I_ have missed you and your unending hilarity, despite the miserable situation. I want to urge you, though, to unglue your arse (teehee–I love writing that), kick 2013 in the balls (do you say bollocks?) and _own_ 2014. Here’s to a much better year for all of us and to holidays that are at least minimally enjoyable. Thinking of you and sending {hugs} from across the pond!

    1. barrenbetty Post author

      I think I’d say, “that’s a load of bollocks”, but I’d kick you in the balls. Weird. And I agree, big fat kick in the balls to 2013. Hope you have a good holiday season too x

  8. redbluebird

    I hope 2014 brings you some happiness and sunshine. The universe owes it to you. And I hope Christmas/New Years is tolerable for you. Enjoy the wine! Hugs– even though I know you hate them. xo

  9. ivfdream

    Wishing you a restful and not too difficult Xmas. February isn’t long to wait at all and you can rock and roll over the ?Christmas. Better than me sober and checking my knickers obsessively in case I’ve bled. Bloody infer tile sucks.

      1. ivfdream

        Oh, I know. I was the same last year. Miscarried in ?January and had to wait till August for next cycle…had to be done. All for a reason. You get to enjoy the holidays with loads of naughty treats. I know that you would prefer a pregnancy but it helps to think positive all the time. The way I looked at it, I can have a. Sober, happy Xmas or a drunk, sad one…

      2. barrenbetty Post author

        Urgh, it’s so hard. My first cycle started in Feb and was abandoned because of my lame response, then a massive wait and July’s transfer ended in miscarriage… and now waiting until February. Lame. I plan on being drunk at Christmas. I think I’ll either be drunk and sad, or sober and sad… and I’d rather be drunk.

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