I can’t title another post “tomorrow” can I?

Tomorrow the day after today is my Big Appointment.

Tomorrow I should have a scan that will confirm that I am down regulated, which after 3 months of Zoladex injections really should happen. After that I should sign all my consent forms, I should have a mock embryo transfer and I should have an endometrial scratch. Should, should, should. Really should.

However, despite the nasty menopausal symptoms I am experiencing, I am also having heavy, regular periods and all the normal signs of ovulation every month. Sigh. My body appears to be happy to do everything (apparently even all at once). Everything that is except make a baby.

I really did want to write a blog post today, but I am so, so tired. I managed 2 hours sleep last night which has been pretty standard since November. I feel like my brain is full of cotton wool instead of brain cells. Actually, I feel like my brain is full of wire wool because I also have a constant, grating headache.

Anyway, fertility drugs are crap, as we all well know. The sensible part of my head is shouting that, “everything is fine! You feel like shit!!” but the other side of my head is reminding me of the heavy periods I’ve had (never happened to me before on Zoladex), the ovulation signs, the constant pain over my right ovary and general crampy pains I am getting now. Not. Good. Signs.

I know this is boring to read so I’m going to sign off. I bought a pair of orange fertility knickers for tomorrow. I am going to wear the lucky fertility charm giraffe necklace that FD bought me (how jealous are YOU!). My onesie twin is wearing both her onesies at the same time to bring me extra special good luck.


BB xx


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