The PUPO games

I really didn’t think I would get here after such a disastrous cycle, so I’m still pretty excited to be pupo at all.

I can’t remember much about how I felt last time. I am an expert at building an internal wall so hard around my worries that I can even convince myself that I am fine, so I imagine that’s exactly what I did then too. I have a vague memory of sudden bouts of mind crushing anxiety at the thought of it not working. How would we change clinics? How much longer would it take? How much would it cost? Oh God, I can’t cope with anymore of this, IT’S BEEN TOO LONG ALREADY!!


Anyway, the idiot is still alive and pupo again, 8 long, depressing months later. I played Symptom Watch last time, which was extremely boring since I had no symptoms (other than progesterone side effects, which are trixty* mean bitches). I decided to play a new game this time, Test Out The Trigger, which as it turned out was equally as boring. I did a test on Wednesday (7 days post trigger shot) and the little fecker had gone already. I’ve run out of pupo related game ideas now.

This week has gone very quickly indeed, largely thanks to the plague which has pretty much kept me a shivering, achy, weepy mess confined to bed since Sunday. I am feeling (relatively) human again today, thank goodness, so hopefully I is on the mend.

Sorry, this is all boring and I haven’t even got anything fun to report because I’ve barely ventured outside for a week. If you are bursting to ask me the question, “Are you going to test early?”, my answer is, “I bought 20 tests for £2 from Amazon.” My clinic have the latest OTDs I have ever heard of (17 days after egg collection). There is a whole lotta POAS fun to be had before then.

If you are Jenny and you just skim read this to the end, I’ll leave you with a summary: good call; no exciting pupo news whatsoever (as expected); trigger shot is out (ruined my game); I’m recovering slowly from the plague; I don’t like progesterone side effects; I’m highly likely to test early irrespective of whoever tells me off whatever advice I am given.

BB xx

*made up word


24 thoughts on “The PUPO games

  1. maddie

    Oh, definitely test early. 17 days! That’s torturous. But congrats on being PUPO. I too do the mental calculations, how much more time, how much more money, how much more shit can I put up with before I crack?

    1. barrenbetty Post author

      I’m definitely going to. I had a positive test quite early last time and I think it will take iron will power not to test on the same day this time (I have no will power at the best of times anyway).

      Whenever I ask myself questions like that, I always think I’m pretty much at my wits end, then for some reason just keep plodding on anyway. Sigh. This whole stupid merry-go-round stinks.

  2. kiftsgate

    Hlad you are feeling better! Ithink I may go for the 20 tests too. I dont understand this trigger test thing: you poas super early to check it is negative so that if next week it is positive it is not from the trigger? Sorry im a bit slow..
    Everything crossed for you love. xx

    1. barrenbetty Post author

      Yeah, the idea is if you test early and watch the second line fade then get a negative, then you know any subsequent early positive tests are real positives and not left over trigger shot.

    1. barrenbetty Post author

      Thanks! I’m a strange mixture of excited and terrified!!! Seems so remote a chance that one mature egg and one 3 day embryo will actually make it… at least it’s a chance though! I’m definitely testing early… No ways am I waiting 17 days.

  3. So, you're saying there's a chance?

    the trigger test is fun..what dpo are you now? hmm, I am thinking of other games you can play. I actually flip flopped, one day I looked at baby stuff and researched all sorts of car seats, the next day I researched adoption. Infertility can make you crazy, and the 17 days of waiting is no help!

  4. Isabelle

    17dp? That’s super long. Even *I*, the one who notoriously doesn’t test, would test before that. Crazy. OKay. BB. I am ready for some good news from you. Gotta love it that you did a special summary for Jenn. She’s so loved. 😛

  5. Clare

    I thought my clinic was bad waiting till 14 dp transfer! I only tested the day before OTD because I’m anti test so I waited all that time. I can’t really handle peeing on sticks, but I really can’t deal with the whole waiting for the phone call thing either. Even when I did IUI’s I told them not to bother calling and that I’d just wait for my period to show. You are stronger than I – testing out the trigger and all! Congrats on your official pupo status and lots of luck to you!

  6. GK

    Wow 17 days. Do they enjoy seeing quivering basket case infertiles who’ve driven themselves mad with the symptom spotting? I’d definitely test early, no telling off will be coming from this direction!

  7. Irene

    Good call on testing early. My OTD was 22 days after EC!!! I’m pretty convinced that my clinic are sadists. I got my BFP 13 days after EC. Saved myself. Week and a (almost) half of madness. Got. Good feeling about this, can’t wait to hear some good news xx

    1. Irene

      Urgh, fat fingers typing on my phone, that post makes so little sense! Saved myself A week. Got A good feeling.
      Anyway, you know what I mean xx

  8. mammacod

    17 days–whaaat? That’s crazy talk right there. Have you started testing? Hope you’re feeling better! Stickiest of sticky vibes coming at you!


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