And we’re off… again.

I had acupuncture this week and I LOVED it. Why has nobody told me about acupuncture before?

What do you mean you tried? What do you mean I am impossible to give advice to, extremely stubborn, skeptical and liable to take offence if I am offered encouragement in anyway? Geez you guys.

Well no thanks to you, I took matters into my own hands and booked me some acupuncture for this cycle. Yes, yes, I am back on the lame horse mule. *weak cheer*

I’ve ordered some more supplements (which appear to have gone AWOL. I don’t know what my postman is playing at, but it’s certainly not at being a postman). I’ve ordered some protein powder. I was tempted to order a million HPTs, but since I am probably having HCG support after transfer (please god let me have a transfer) that seemed a little pointless.

I had an endometrial scratch yesterday. I think they should rename it an endometrial scrape, because “scratch” doesn’t really do it justice does it?

“Ooh, I’ve got a bit of an itch!”
“Do you want me to scratch it for you?”

“Ooh, I’ve got a bit of an itch!”
“Do you want me to get out my pen knife and scrape the top layers of skin off?”

Anyways, I am scratched. I have signed all the forms. I have dropped the price of a small car into the hands of the clinic. I may have been* a complete idiot with my stimulation drugs because I shelled out an extra £300 to have Menopur instead of Meronial even though they are for all intents and purposes exactly the same thing. My reasoning is that the only time I have ever been pregnant in my life was during a Menopur cycle. Yes, yes, they are the same drug, but they are made by different companies. They are made using slightly different techniques and processes. Okay, I am being daft aren’t I? It’s like buying paracetamol from Boots or Superdrug isn’t it? Oh well, too late now. I decided I didn’t want any regrets this time so who cares.

I had a small issue at the pharmacy attempting to pick up the letrozole.

ME: Here’s my prescription
PHARMACIST: We don’t have any
ME: Okay. When will you get some in then?
ME: It’s a three hour round trip for me to get here.
PHARMACIST: *shrugs shoulders* There is a problem with the supplier. They’re just coming in dribs and drabs.
ME: I need them for my IVF cycle and it is starting now.
PHARMACIST: *shrugs shoulders* There is a problem with the supplier.
PHARMACIST: *exaggerated sigh and eye roll* I’ll go double check.
5 minutes later
PHARMACIST: Found some.

Good grief. Apart from that, the appointment was hassle free. I saw a lovely nurse and talked a lot about the next cycle. She scanned me too (which they haven’t done in the past and that always worried me). I’m not sure whether it’s good or bad news. The mysterious fluid that is in my tube/around my ovary is still there and has been causing me quite a bit of pain. It’s the same as it has been for a while and their best guess is that since I have so much scar tissue, it is fluid that has collected inside a pocket of that. The other ovary has a haemorrhaging… something. Maybe a new endometrioma forming? Maybe one resolving? Maybe a cyst from ovulation that’s filled with nasties? The nurse didn’t seem overly concerned either way. It may present issues for egg collection, but since I’m having a GA that should make it easier for them.

The good news is that unless the fluid and other unidentified nasties are blocking them, my three endometriomas have disappeared. Cool.

So I’m starting norethisterone tomorrow until 5th September. Then CD2 I commence with 450iu Menopur and letrozole. CD6 until egg collection will be 450iu Menopur and Cetrotide. Then Utrogestan (*weeps*) and HCG support until I am confirmed as pregnant (lolz). My egg collections are now classed as “complicated” and “difficult” err… yay, so that will be in theatre.

Here we go again. Fourth time lucky?

BB xx



28 thoughts on “And we’re off… again.

  1. lifeasinfertile

    Betty you have done it again, making my bones laugh with your death stare. Can I just tell you how much I freaking hate utrogestan?!!! Who the hell invents inserts without applicator !!!! Roarrrrr!!!!

    1. barrenbetty Post author

      It’s the devil. I wake up in the night peeing hot, molten PVC glue and end up welded to the bed sheets. On no wait, it’s just the Utrogestan escaping then setting like cement. *pukes*

  2. kiftsgate

    What’s wrong with that lazy pharmacist!??! I’m glad that the death stare worked and proud of you for using it. Go BB!! Maybe you should use it on the postman too..
    I do hope it’s 4th time lucky lovely! I’m here rooting for you!

    1. barrenbetty Post author

      I know! I was a bit worried because she came back and went to her colleague, “yeah, I just found it lying over there under that box” …. Err?!!!

      I have literally just complained about the postman. He keeps not delivering our parcels, taking them to the depo, and not leaving us a card to say where they are. Stupid postman.

  3. Isabelle

    Ha. I read parts of your post to Bob out loud 3 times and laughed. I don’t blame you for wanting Menopur if you used it for that one time that got you pregnant. The pharmacist was ridiculous. Death stares worked though. “Here we go again” is exactly how I feel. I so hope for your success this time round. Praying that everything goes extremely smoothly!

    1. barrenbetty Post author

      Isabelle! Yay! Also, hi Bob *waves*

      I decided in the grand scheme of things, even if they are the same, what’s another £300? It’s a drop in the ocean compared to what we have spent so far and at least I won’t regret it. The lazy pharmacist really looked like she didn’t want to be at work. I’m getting quite brave at fighting people who get in my way now, haha. Watch out world!!

      Yes indeed, here we go again. I hope your cycle can get started soon too xxx

  4. hopefulandhungry

    I’m glad you are cycling again, I really hope it’s lucky number 4 for you, it was my fifth round that finally worked. You always put a smile on my face with your posts and I know that the situation is nowhere near funny.

    1. barrenbetty Post author

      Hey 🙂 I hope so too. I’m getting really tired of it all! I forgot it was your fifth round that worked. It’s hard to muster much hope when all my cycles are so terrible :/

      I hope you and the twinnies are doing well. They are looking awfully cute in the recent pictures xxx

  5. InfertileGirl

    I love you, you’re hilarious. You should come to Canada and we can be BFF’s ha ha. Or come to think of it, I’d rather come to the UK, wanna be my sponsor?! All the best with your upcoming cycle!

  6. julieann081

    I *love* your humor in this post! I’m glad you were able to get your Letrozole. Wishing you all the very best for this cycle! ❤

  7. Robin

    Do pharmacys not offer overnight delivery of drugs there? Here we have Freedom Fertility, Avella and others. I’m really surprised. BEST WISHES FROM NY TO YOU!!! XOXOXX

    1. barrenbetty Post author

      Thanks Robin!! Hmm, I have no idea if they have that here.. Certainly not the impression the pharmacy gave me at the hospital. They didn’t even give me alternatives about how I could get the tablets?! I was about to REALLY FIGHT them, then they mysteriously found some lying about. Urgh. Talk about useless. Thank you for the good wishes!! How are you doing? xxx

    2. Hope4babyover40

      Sorry to butt in here but the further I go down this horrible journey the more I am realising the UK is embarrassingly lacking in what you might term “convenience services”. You might be ok if you live in London, but anywhere beyond that… forget it!

  8. NotSoNewtoIVF

    Yay for disappearing endometriomas!
    I’ve had a word with the universe and told it to sort its shit out this time, so one pregnancy in the post….good thing you complained about the postman 😉 xxx

  9. Hope4babyover40

    Betty you write so bloody well! The sight of one of your posts always brightens up my inbox. I tried acupuncture but always get a desperate itch somewhere mid-treatment and spend the next 15 minutes trying to work out whether to dare move my needled arm to scratch it or hope it will go away! Good luck with this fourth cycle, I’m just starting my first, yikes. xx

    1. barrenbetty Post author

      Thanks 🙂 Hahaha… Me too! I’ve been three times now and had an itch each time. Lolz. Not very relaxing.

      Good luck with your cycle. I’ll be following along x

  10. Jenn

    ^^ look it’s me! BB, I know at least a million people who told you to do acupuncture, and you told them it was stupid and they were dumb for doing it. You basically owe everyone an apology.

    I hope you get to transfer. I think your death stare probably gave Karma a laugh, and he’s all.. let’s at least get this girl to transfer. She deserves it.

    All I am right now is starving, so I am struggling to finish this comment. Uhhh… do you have any fries (chips)?

  11. Smile

    Totally agree that scratch is the fucking understatement of the year. The biopsy that I had done is still the most painful thing I’ve been through with all of this fun. Glad you are enjoying the acupuncture, I really like it as well, I figure at minimum it is adult nap time, which has to be good for me. I think that the fourth time most certainly has to be the lucky one for you and am sending good and healthy ovary vibes from out here in Denver!

    1. barrenbetty Post author

      Thanks! I am so tired of this all now. I’ve also had no time to catch up with blogs this week but I’ve just seen you’ve had your transfer!! Hooray! I need to catch up on all the news… Got everything crossed for you my friend x

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