Blast off! Blast off! Look at me I’m really writing BLAST OFF!

I just got chased by 2 toothless, half clothed mad people who wanted me to, “look at their pants” (Americans, this means underwear) and tell them if they “looked like gay boys.”

Good grief, just what I needed post transfer. Slightly concerned it may have killed off all the chi I had going to my uterus from acupuncture.

Lunatics aside, I am pupo! HELL YES I AM! With a blastocyst, no less. Amazing. The clinic called me this morning and said that we had 1 that was clearly the best and was graded bb (aa is best; ee is worst) and 2 others that were below-average quality and weren’t going to be good enough to freeze.

We jumped in the car and headed to the clinic. Rather too many tractors getting in the way for my liking, but Mr B pulled it out of the bag by finding a space in the car park (always full, ALWAYS) that was about an inch wider than our car. Meant he had to climb out of the window to exit, but still. Thankfully we returned before the people we parked next to did, ‘cos I don’t suppose they were half an inch wide and/or willing to climb into their cars through the boot.

When we arrived (to Ed Sheeran – Lego House, fact fans) and gowned up, the embryologist came to tell us that the embryo we were transferring was progressing and still a bb. Excellent. Then she asked if we wanted to freeze the other 2.


Yep, my two naff looking early blasts had pulled themselves together (literally, I think) and had been upgraded to bb status as well. They were still not as good as the one I had transferred… something about being more oval shaped I think, but still, suitable for freezing. She also said another embryo had become an early blast but that was very poor quality and definitely too poor to freeze.

So here I am. I survived being chased by toothless maniacs and I am pupo with a blast, with two in the freezer. I mean, probably in the freezer, but I won’t know for sure until tomorrow. I shouldn’t know until a few weeks time when they write me a letter, but I know about this invention called telephones so that won’t be necessary.

The slightly bad news is that since I am having HCG boosters as well as progesterone, my OTD is not until 20th October.

Let the three week wait commence!

BB (and bb, lolz. Sorry) xx


49 thoughts on “Blast off! Blast off! Look at me I’m really writing BLAST OFF!

  1. Jenn

    This is so exciting! Congrats on being PUPO!!!! Woohoooooooo!!!!! Keep those feet warm so your uterus stays warm 🙂 and drink and eat warm foods

  2. Isabelle

    Yay yay yay!!! I was checking Twitter earlier today to see if you had an update! Wow blastocyst!!!! I am so so thrilled for you! October 20th?? That’s crazy!

    1. barrenbetty Post author

      Thanks! I’m excited! A nurse I really don’t trust did my transfer which is starting to worry me for some reason. I hope she did it right. She doesn’t seem to know what she is doing. I really wish it hadn’t have been her 😦 Other than that I’m sooo happy to actually be pupo. It’s never a guarantee with my ovaries! And yeah, blooming heck. Three week wait. What a joke!!!

  3. Smile

    Triple holy shitballs! One blast transferred and two on the way to freeze!!! Was thinking about you when I woke up this morning and it make my day, hell, my week, to see this! Fuck the 3 week wait though, since I love peeing on all the things I would so be testing that trigger out like a madwoman as there is no way I would be able to wait (this is not advice, you should probably do the opposite as I am definitely crazy).

    1. barrenbetty Post author

      Lol. I’d would ALWAYS test early, but I’m having HCG injections! Pregnancy hormone! Can’t test it out because it’ll be in my veins until OTD. Lame. Got to go in for a beta because I’ll still have it in my system on actual OTD as well…. double lame. It’s because my period has started so early the last two cycles they are trying to give me a boost as well as the progesterone.

      I can’t believe how much better this cycle has been. I could probably sleep for 3 weeks it’s been such a rollercoaster, hehe x

      1. Smile

        Ohhh, I get it now, actual injections and not just the trigger. Bleh – but if it helps than more power to it, whatever works to get you good and knocked up! I have a good feeling about this and will continue to send encouragement to your uterus that she needs to provide this blast the very best home for the next 9-10 months.

      2. barrenbetty Post author

        I have no idea if it’ll do anything but I’m hoping it’ll stop my period starting stupidly early at least… Going to be dead boring not testing early. I’m wondering if I can buy some cheapos and do some unscientific line darkening or not tests, haha x

      3. Smile

        I totally would do my own unscientific (probably insane) cheapie testing. That is what those things are for, passing the time, and driving yourself crazy!

  4. Bobdobb

    BB, I’ve been following your progress and I’m chuffed to bits about your blastocysts and being PUPO. Go girl! x

    1. barrenbetty Post author

      Whoo! I really hope so. For some reason I’m having a panic now I’m home because I don’t trust the nurse who did my transfer… she didn’t inspire confidence in me and I am irrationally freaking out she did it wrong. I need to try and be more zen! xxx

  5. pregnant in my forties

    Aww millions of congrats Betty! Enjoy pupo and don’t go walking the dog and fall over like I just did… 😦 Three weeks will feel like forever, but more blissful ignorance, maybe?
    Love that it was a bb for BB xx

    1. barrenbetty Post author

      Oh dear! I hope it wasn’t a bad fall. I did just have to run away from toothless crackheads, not a brilliant start. My period started so early previous cycles I doubt I’ll make a 3WW anyway but here’s hoping! xx

      1. viv

        yes pumpkins!!! organise it again please. I’m alreayd thinking about a design, though I’ve been commanded to make one with Else from Frozen on, which I think will be waaaaayy beyond my ability.

        glad youre pupo with a blast. heres to the 3 weeks wait!

  6. myhopejar

    Yay!! A blast transfer and 2 more to freeze! That’s fantastic!!! I can’t believe you have wait 3 weeks though. I will be praying for you and routing for your little embie and also sending you strength to survive the 3ww!

      1. myhopejar

        Sending you lots of strength to get through it! Hope you have some good distractions to keep you busy during this time.

  7. The infernal infertile


    I just looked up the definition of “awesome” in the dictionary and it said “the state of Barren Betty being PUPO and having so many embryos she could freeze two”

    For the record, fabulous, fantastic and Fuck Yeah! All had the same definition…

    So happy for you my friend xxx. Here’s hoping little bb snuggles in tight xxx

    1. barrenbetty Post author

      Haha, that made me laugh!! I hope it’s doing it’s thing in there. I’m sat at my desk all day working today and panicking that’s bad, even though I know it won’t make a difference!!!

  8. Over it

    Hello BB, this is great news!!!! Yay! Awesome results. Sounds like everything is on track. What’s your plans for the next 3 weeks? That’s a brutal wait

    1. barrenbetty Post author

      Bleugh, I know! I’m going to have to get some projects on the go to stop me going mad. Mind you, AF arrived last two cycles 9 days after egg collection so not holding my breath for a 3 week wait just yet!

  9. kiftsgate

    I have never heard of HCG boosters bu I hope it’ll make it worth the waiting. Three weeks is a long time!! Really hope it’ll pass by quickly. I have everything crossed for you and M. B! xx


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