Brrrr…. It’s FROSTIE(s)

The embryologists at my clinic are lovely, and dead clever. Sort of makes me want to be an embryologist because you also get to dress like a nurse, but you don’t have to do anything gross like wipe bums.

Anyway, after being told we find out about frosties via snail mail, “in a few weeks with the invoice” I thought, nah thanks. I am the lady who was told she’d never get blastocysts, never mind frozen embryos, remember? So I used the clever invention I know about called the t-e-l-e-p-h-o-n-e and spoke to them today.

I was feeling a little sorry for myself when I called because all the extra HCG in my system, plus the progesterone I guess, is making me feel awful sick. Nobody wants morning sickness when they aren’t pregnant. It’s depressing. I obviously wouldn’t give a rats ass if it meant I had a baby at the end, but since that’s all up in the air it was making me feel a bit sorry for myself. It also reminds me of being pregnant, which was over a year ago now. Sad.

Anyway, I was a bit miserable, but now I’m just sick and EXCITED because you guys, not only did they freeze 2, the little tricksters improved in quality to 4ba! They are bb’s no more.

I hope the one I have is following suit.

BB xx

47 thoughts on “Brrrr…. It’s FROSTIE(s)

  1. mylifeasacasestudy

    Ahhhhhh! F*ing finally! A good cycle! Couldn’t be happier or more optimistic for you.
    As for the nausea/vomiting…I used sprite for nausea–I couldn’t drink water. But when I need to vomit, I get a large glass of ice water & take it to the toilet (or wherever, sometimes a parking lot) and take big gulps–the colder, the better–and it helps everything go more smoothly. XOXO

  2. viv

    you’ve been on max dose and are now taking lots of HCG, which can trigger OHSS as I now know! If you’re feeling sick, just make sure it isnt an OHSS symptom. Measure your weight and waist at the same time each day to check they arent increasing too much (my waist was going up about an inch a day).

    you wont need those frosties, you have the best one in you. probably hatching out and getting ready to implant as I type.

    1. barrenbetty Post author

      I feel like I can’t have had enough follicles for that?! My tummy is sore and swollen still and I’m sure bloated from progesterone but doesn’t look like anything sinister…

      I certainly hope it’s hatching and doing it’s thing!

  3. Jenn

    Ahhhh it’s so amazing!! I think it helps your 3ww go a bit better? Because you can say – well even if this one doesn’t do what it’s supposed to – the little bugger – I have my frosties waiting!

    I can tell how much happier you are. I almost puked a little, but I managed to hold it down. JUST KIDDING. I don’t know how to handle good news. Do I cheer? Clap? Not hug, certainly. I feel lost and confused.

    (still trying not to jinx you)

    1. barrenbetty Post author

      Cheering and clapping is just fine! My clinic said the thaw rate for my embryos would only be around 60% with a 25% chance of pregnancy…. not amazing, but I’ll take it!

  4. pregnant in my forties

    Yeayyy fantastic news!! See? Those little monkeys were in there the whole time just waiting to pop out and surprise you. And I thought exactly the same thing about embryologists – I wanted to walk into the lab asking “And what does this do?” “And this?” and “Oooh!”
    Hope you’re feeling ok – are you working or taking some time off? xx

    1. barrenbetty Post author

      I know, looks like such a cool job. Why don’t they suggest stuff like that when you are at school?! I didn’t realise they existed until we started IVF 20 months ago. Oh God, 20 MONTHS! Waa.

      I’m feeling rough :/ and my stomach is so crampy and sore this time. I think they must have manhandled me during my egg collection in theatre! I’m only working part time at the moment anyway, and from home. Whoop! So at least I don’t need to worry about that x

  5. mumofone

    Last night I stayed up til 11pm my time (2pm your time) waiting for your news. And then this morning when I woke at 0530 the first thing I did was check your blog!! And I was so super excited to hear you had 3 blasts!! But now 24 hours later when I’m finally getting the opportunity to congratulate you I discover the news is even better on the frosty front!!
    Wow – what was so different about this cycle???!!!!
    Whatever it is – you should bottle it and sell it for money πŸ™‚
    Am really hoping this time is the one for you BB!!!!
    P.S. I’m never quite sure what to make of gradings by the way – my best 2 embryos produced zilch human beings but my IVF Baby came from one of my supposedly 2 worst eggs (we transferred two the third time)!!

    1. barrenbetty Post author

      Aww, thanks pal πŸ™‚

      Nothing was different this time. Well, I was more worried, more anxious and more full of dread than usual if that counts? I’ve not had the HCG booster injections after transfer before though, and I can confirm I don’t like them one bit.

      They’ve said to me in the past that embryo grading isn’t a perfect indicator. It gives them half the story – Ie do they look good/bad, but that doesn’t mean they know what is going on inside them. My embryos are always mediocre so these blasts are pretty much in line with my early ones too. Just good, not perfect!

  6. myhopejar

    Yay! That is so wonderful! I am so hopeful for you that this is it hon. It’s a relief to know you still more chances just in case, but I really hope you don’t need to use them for a really long time! I am going to be anxiously waiting with you these next 3 weeks.

    1. barrenbetty Post author

      Yes! It feels very different this cycle knowing there is a plan b possible… and it makes spending all the money seem a little bit more worth while too. I’m having all kinds of stupid irrational thoughts today already. I need to sort myself out! Or bury my head in the sand for three weeks… I’ll be a lunatic by the end of it at this rate!

  7. bebeparler

    Woo hoo!! Your journey is so like mine. It’s now two yrs since we lost our first baby in horrible shitty circumstances, then a year later we got pregnant with a frostie, and another year on we have a darling son! So I’m keeping everything crossed this time it’ll stick for you BB xx

  8. immotileturtle

    I went through an ‘I want to be an embryologist’ phase too. But then I’m impressionable. I binge watched 7 series of 24 in an unhealthily small amount of time & then applied for a job at MI5. True story. So super chuffed for you.

    1. barrenbetty Post author

      Haha. We might be the same person because I did the exact same thing. I didn’t get so far as applying for the job, but I proper nearly did! It was just an office job though so not sure if it would have been that exciting in reality, lol.

      1. barrenbetty Post author

        Lol. We could have been work colleagues! We could have shouted to each other “I’M THE ONLY ONE WHO CAN DO THIS!” at the photocopier every day πŸ˜‚

  9. kiftsgate

    Ooohh wooow. I had a crazy week and didn’t manage to read this post before. You have 2 4BA frosties!?!? That is super cool!!!!!!
    I hope you’re not feeling too sick or, rather, that you are feeling sick for a good reason!! Big hug lovely! xx

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