5dp5dt and I’m too lazy to think up a better title

Oh, my. This waiting is as boring as hell.

I have been doing the prerequisite symptom-spotting this weekend since the embryo should have been doing it’s thang and been busy implanting itself. I’ve had a few twinges that got me excited. I mean, I had twinges on my BFP cycle! OH MY GOD. Oh, and on the BFN ones too. Oh yeah. Actually if anything, the twinges on the BFN cycles were more noticeable and just a precursor to my uterus gearing up for my period to start early (9 days post egg collection, fact fans).

Speaking of which, it is 10 days post egg collection today and there is no sign of The Witch yet. I mean, no visual confirmation. I do have cramps from hell. They haven’t changed gear yet though and reached the endometriosis-I-am-going-to-punish-you post IVF failure cramp level just yet. I know that crampy bitch well and she can shove off.

I am pleased that the hCG and progesterone combination appears to be holding The Witch at bay, for now at least. The cramps are definitely escalating though and it’s not making me hopeful.

In other non-news,

1. I am majorly bloated. It’s disgusting. I’ve weighed myself and I weigh the same. Weird. Side note: whenever I say to my husband I “got weighed” (usually followed by lamenting about being fat) he laughs at me. I think it’s grammatically incorrect, but he proper laughs everytime. It’s not funny is it?

2. I walked past this sign yesterday near my house:

If you can’t see it and/or read (why are you looking at blog posts?) it says, “CAUTION: anti climb paint”. Lolz. It made me laugh quite a bit. I would have laughed harder, but as long time readers will remember (you guys) I’ve already laughed at burglar proof paint in the shops once. How is that even a thing? Evidence it is a thing:

Several things perturbed me about this sign. a) There is clearly no paint on the wall… is this invisible burglar paint? b) The sign is really high up. Why put a sign so high up that most people would already have to be climbing up to read it? And lastly, c) it backs on to an old people’s home. Who even wants to steal them?

3. During the composition of this blog post the cramps have become significantly worse.

4. It’s really raining outside.

5. It’s 9am and I am still in my pyjamas, I should really get up and do stuff.

BB xx

30 thoughts on “5dp5dt and I’m too lazy to think up a better title

    1. barrenbetty Post author

      Just an extra luteal phase support to try and stop my period from always starting early… From the way I feel now though I’m not sure it’s going to work 😦

  1. kiftsgate

    1. I’m sure Ed laughs at the grammar and not at the bloating. Because there is nothing fun about the bloating and I’m sure he knows that laughing at the bloating could possibly lead him to early death..
    2. Anti-climb and anti-burglar paint!??! The funny things you find in your beautiful country…
    3. Stupid stupid cramps! Again, I had a 2WW without cramps once and I panicked just as much.. there is no escape…
    4. It’s shit weather here too. Stay warm!
    5. I’m jealous of your PJs outfit and if I were you I would probably not get dressed for the whole day..
    Still hoping and crossing everything for you!!!

    1. barrenbetty Post author

      The paint made me laugh… I want to find someone who has used it!!! I performed an illegal move and had a bath because my cramps are terrible :/ I got dressed, but appear to be back tucked up in bed. I don’t think I’m going to get much done today!!!

  2. pregnant in my forties - hopefully

    Keeping everything crossed for you and your little bb (hopefully now a well-implanted aa with strong roots and cell structure). I had cramps for 5 days but they’ve now stopped and I miss them… complete brain mush isn’t it! I’ve heard bad things about this post-IVF first period bitchface and as far as I’m concerned mine can take yours on a long hike up a tall mountain – I’ll pack their lunches xx

    1. barrenbetty Post author

      I’m not feeling hopeful now my cramps are this bad. When I was pregnant, they were noticeable and worried me but they never got particularly bad until I was 9 weeks and I know now that’s when the miscarriage happened. I really want them to go away! Or failing that I want codeine and some wine.

    1. barrenbetty Post author

      It’s so hard to tell. I definitely thought AF was imminent when I was pregnant, it was only with hindsight after my BFN cycles that I realised the pain then wasn’t as bad as it was during the failed cycles. And every single pregnant woman on twitter will tell you she had cramps and had a BFP. Are you going to hold out until your test day? xxx

      1. pregnant in my forties - hopefully

        I don’t know!!! My period is due Friday so that will be the tester… if it hasn’t arrived by Saturday I may test that day. Yeah actually I probably will, as there will be the slightest glimmer of a chance that I won’t be staring at a stick with one line on it as per usual. Sort of want Friday to come but also don’t want this time to be over. Don’t see how I can afford to do this again…
        Really pleased to see that your cramps have eased up! Really hope it continues that way xxx

      2. barrenbetty Post author

        My period is due on Friday too. There is no way the drugs will hold mine off… Never have before anyway!! My cramps are evil now so I’m having another bath and I’ve given up and taken painkillers. It’s all so expensive isn’t it? Lame x

  3. mumofone

    Hi BB – have been thinking of you these last 5 days!!
    I’m sorry to hear you’ve got horrible cramping….I’m a bit of a realist about these things….if it looks like its AF and feels like its AF….then sadly it probably is AF 😦
    One thing you may not know….once your uterus has been pregnant once (and yeah I know you only got to 10 weeks but that’s still a growth that would have made it more than double in size) then it seems to know what to do the second time around much faster. So you can get more significant cramping with a second pregnancy than you do with a first….and more round ligament stretching pain than with a first….and so on.
    I am squishing the realist back in her box….and hoping like crazy that what you are feeling is simply your uterus going “oh yeah….I know what’s going on….I know what to do…..okay let’s do this!!”
    ((HUGS)) from me!!

    1. barrenbetty Post author

      Well, from my experience looking back my BFN cycles were noticeably more painful and more AF like than a BFP. It’s calmed down a bit now and it’s still not reached the same horrible cramp level it did the last two times so I’m trying to stay positive for now! I definitely felt quite crampy when I had a BFP. I don’t know, it’s hard to explain but I am convinced I can tell the difference. I really don’t want these cramps to get worse!

      I’d not thought about it doing all of this before… Interesting! My period is due on Friday this week and I doubt progesterone and a bit of HCG will stop it if it hasn’t worked.

      I hate all this waiting and worrying! It’s HORRID!

      1. mumofone

        Actually I did just think of another cause for your pain…you see when you get a fertilised egg implant, the follicle that produced the egg becomes the corpus luteum and secretes hormones (HCG and Progesterone and others) to support the pregnancy until the placenta is formed. Once the placenta is formed it takes over these functions (you probably knew that!!)
        But you had 12 follicles didn’t you – and 7 with eggs in them (did I remember the numbers vaguely right??) and your ovaries aren’t exactly normal. So I wonder – do you have more than one corpus luteum? Are you getting ovarian pain rather than uterine cramping pain as a result of numerous corpus luteums working their guts out??? The two pains can be similar (although you probably know your own body well enough to know the difference).
        With my last IVF cycle I got massively high fevers from bacterial pharyngitis 2 days after egg transfer – and high temps are VERY bad for egg implantation. I was so sick I couldn’t even tell if I had the usual pregnancy symptoms but what gave me a little bit of hope was this constant low grade dragging feeling in my left ovary (the one which gave up the egg that month because it was a natural FET) that I was sure was corpus luteum pain….and it was….maybe that’s what’s going on for you too??
        Here’s hoping all your pains are from good causes!!

      2. barrenbetty Post author

        I like those ideas! I’m pretty sure it’s not ovary pain though, although my ovaries are still sore. It just feels like AF. It starts like this, then it progressively gets worse and worse. It’s due on Friday so I’m not feeling hopeful. If it doesn’t get worse I might feel a bit better but it’s feeling pretty terrible at the moment 😦

  4. Isabelle

    I am quite happy to know that it’s already 10 days past. Although the 3WW is a bit crazy long, no AF is great at this point! I am keeping my faith that this will be it for you. Keep on noticing weird things around you. It really helps pass the time.

  5. bebeparler

    Praying AF buzzes off to another corner of the world for you BB. The TWW is a real ‘mindfuck’ as someone said above. Thinking of you. Funny photo alright!

    1. barrenbetty Post author

      Thanks! They are slightly less offensive today and definitely eased over night. It’s so hard to block it all out when you’re so crampy and feel like shit! You’d think I’d be used to it by now, but each cycle is just getting harder and harder. I’m going to chill out today and try harder not to stress!! xx

  6. myhopejar

    I have never heard of anti-burglar paint. How funny! That sign would have cracked me up too. I hope you enjoyed a perfect day in bed yesterday. As for the cramps, I have always had ligament pain like cramps really early on so hoping that’s what’s happening to you right now and your little embryo is just nestling in good and comfy.

    1. barrenbetty Post author

      Hello! I’m okay. I keep meaning to blog but apart from being crampy and grumpy I don’t have much to report! It’s still 13 days until I find out if the cycle was successful or not and I’m 8dp5dt now. Argh!! I’m not feeling hopeful but keeping everything crossed still. Thanks for checking in on me 🙂

  7. wheresourpup

    Got everything crossed for you, it’s not over till the fat lady sings!!
    I asked you how things were going on my blog before I saw you had already replied here so just ignore that one. X

  8. Bec

    Hi, I have been reading your blog and wish you the best of luck this cycle. I just wanted to let you know that I too have had luteal support using both progrestrone pessaries (from two days post transfer) and an HCG injection (half of an odvidrel injection pen (which is a form of synthetic HCG) on the 4th day past egg collection and the other half of the pen on the 7th day past egg collection. This has always extended my luteal phase to about 15 or 16 days past egg collection. My IVF clinic has always given me a blood test on day 14 of my luteal phase as they said that although I would have a small amount of HCG left in my system from the injection pen it would be under or around 5 HCG which is how they can tell me if I am pregnant or not. Having done this protocol several times this is always the case, I have had 5 or under HCG in my system on 9dp5dt and in those cycles I knew my period was on it way. I am surprised they won’t test you until 3 weeks post transfer (or was it egg collection)? Every cycle I have been naughty anyway and tested out the HCG – 3 times I have seen it get darker from about 6dp5dt. Unfortunately these cycles did result in miscarriages. My last FET resulted in my current pregnany and at 9dp5dt my HCG was 166. This was one cycle I did not test out the trigger because I was too chicken! But it would have been very obvious if I did. I am just sharing my experience with having HCG shots but not suggesting you do anything differently – you have got to do what works for you. Wishing the best of luck.

    1. barrenbetty Post author

      Hi Bec. Thanks for your message! I’ve not seen many people having hCG as a luteal phase support, but from my googling it seems like most people who do have it are the same as you – 3 and 7 days after egg collection. For reasons unknown (believe me, I’ve asked) I’m having 5000iu (that sounds the same as you, it’s half a normal trigger injection) every 3.5 days. The first one was the day of my transfer and according to the clinic, the last one is scheduled 36 hours before my first beta. Dumb or what. I had one 2 days ago and got another tomorrow, otherwise I would so have cheated by now. I’m actually doing a half assed test-every-day-with-a-cheapo-HPT experiment but it’s not telling me much yet!!! I’m calling my clinic next week because I’m not doing another bloody hCG jab just before a beta…. It’s MENTAL! I’m glad to hear your FET has been successful. Good luck with it all 🙂 x

  9. Bec

    Hi BB,
    Wow, that is a different protocol! While I am no expert, I am a bit perplexed as to why they would extent your cycle so far – if implantation happens between day DPO6 and DPO 12 with the average being DPO 9 then I am finding it hard to understand why the would keep you on the injections going for so long. Hasn’t the embryo done its thing (or not) by then? I can only summarise that it would be to sustain any pregnancy by not giving your body any chance of shedding its lining any time soon. Generally speaking that is why women are giving progrestrone pessaries (and the like) post transfer and ongoing if pregnant. Perhaps they are just being doubly sure!! Giving you every chance! I know this does not help your sanity any. Unfortunately testing out the HCG (and trying to discern if it is your body producing it) will be really tricky as you will be picking your most recent booster. In my body at least it took at least 8 days for each 1/2 shot to get out of my system. Wishing you every success!

    1. barrenbetty Post author

      I know, it’s weird isn’t it. My suspicion is that they are just busy and so they’ve extended it by a week because they can’t fit me in for the blood tests at the normal time (they don’t normally do them). Maybe I’m just cynical!!

      I’ve tested out my trigger injections before so I’m not trying to do that since I’m having so many boosters. I just thought that if I tested every day and it had worked I should see a pattern where the earlier tests are generally lighter inbetween boosters and the later ones are generally darker. Gives me something to do at least, haha x


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