FET update (why can’t I think of a better title)

My appointments were actually last week (three on three different days, fact fans – excellent organisational skills there). I sat down to what I now know thanks to Mr Google was I’m Not The Only One, Sam Smith. I literally have no idea who Sam Smith is. Next up was an old clinic favourite, Your Song (Ellie Goulding version). I have no memory of any other tunes because I started to feel disorientated. The water cooler had moved to a different wall. The teas and coffees were at the other side of the room. Then I realised: THE FAKE FLOWERS HAVE GONE.

That was the big news of the day. It also means that there is no central feature to the room and as such, all the chairs have been arranged to face outwards so it is much easier to avoid looking at anybody at all. Just you and your thoughts and pictures of landscapes. Oh, and the fertility magazines have been replaced with Men’s Health and Women’s Health which made me feel terribly fat and regretting the grab bag of crisps I ate on the train on the way over.

I decided against an endometrial scratch. As you (I’m sure) remember it is more of a scrape than a scratch. A scrape of your insides. Nobody is going to be queuing up for one of those. My clinic have also stopped offering them as a routine procedure as they aren’t seeing a huge amount of data to suggest it is having much of an impact. Decision made; £150 saved. I have decided to go for the embryo glue as it apparently has no detrimental effect. It isn’t exactly a ‘glue’ per se, it is a protein that should be present at implantation which the embryo is coated in before transfer. I enquired about hcG boosters which the nurse is going to run past Hero so hopefully those will be added to my list of jabs post transfer.

What else? Oh yes, I think I have decided against acupuncture for the FET. If I end up having another fresh cycle I would probably do it again then.

I was offered the option of thawing both embryos (we only have the two) and transferring both if they both survive. Does anyone have any thoughts on that? They are both graded 4ba which is a higher grade than the one that is currently trying to pull her nappy off in the living room. I am very nervous given the amount of scar tissue and adhesions I have that my body would physically struggle to carry twins. At the moment I have decided to thaw them one at a time. The nurse pointed out that the only negative of this would be time and money. For example, if I thaw one and survives, is transferred but fails to implant or I miscarry then I am back at the start of an (insanely long) medicated FET process. Each embryo has been given a 70% chance of surviving the thaw so there is a chance that I could go through one FET that fails, go through another one and end up with nothing to transfer the second time. I would have also paid for two FETs then instead of one.

I can’t remember if I have mentioned it already but I also have a dermoid nasty on one ovary that isn’t too big at the moment (3.5cm). It will need removing surgically and I would like this to be after I have finished with IVF. The longer things drag on, the higher the likelihood of me needing an operation during it all. My ovaries are so damaged from the surgeries I’ve already had I feel in my heart that another operation will mark the end of fertility treatment for me.

I took a call from the clinic yesterday afternoon and in typical fashion my TSH has come back at 2.6. The threshold for IVF there is 2.5. Seriously, thank you thyroid, two fingers back up to you too.

So I am back for repeat bloods next week, plus a down regulation scan.

One final thing. I was on my way home from the appointments last week and a bus drove past me with an advert for Blair Witch Project on it. What’s up with that? Did I go back in time or something? I’m 99% certain I have been back in time before because I saw a pterodactyl (wow it starts with a p, who knew) flying down the Thames once.

I hope y’all having a good week.

BB xx

10 thoughts on “FET update (why can’t I think of a better title)

  1. superfoodanita

    Tough decision re thawing 1 or 2 embies……. I think I would do 1 at a time because I don’t think I could handle twins and a toddler. Who knew pterodactyl started with a P!!!!!

  2. Hoping

    I am still reeling from the news of the fake flowers… the 1 or 2 dilemma takes lower precedence obviously but that is one tough decision that only you can make, I fear. Depends on cash/time/energy/optimism/health etc etc etc.
    Good luck in whatever you decide xx

    ps – Just logged in as my old self (not really blogging anymore) and laptop has no memory of me whatsover… clearly it has been some time!

    1. barrenbetty Post author

      Why hello there lady!! How are you? I know, the fake flowers disappearance hit me hard too. They were huge… Where did they go? To another department? A skip? Did a deranged infertile attack them and throw them out the window? We will never know. Unless they were actually real and just died after 3 years.

      I think I am still swaying towards one at a time. It seems to be the most sensible option even if it ends up being the more expensive one. I hope you are well x

  3. Isabelle

    HA. BB is back! You are so funny. I do remember the fake flowers! So many choices to make even for a frozen embryo transfer. I think, if I were you, I’d do what you are going to do, which is to transfer one each time. I hope you don’t need a second FET, but if this one fails, you have another chance. Just my take on it.

    1. barrenbetty Post author

      Hello! And thank you for the advice. I’ve pretty much made up my mind to do one at a time I think… Seems more sensible even if it ends up costing a bit more!
      I’ll be thinking of you lots the next few weeks xxx


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