Cs and Ds

I am tired so I think I will just have to dive right in.

The first embryo they thawed didn’t do anything at all. The lab gave it 30 minutes then called me to say that it should have started to change and develop by now but it hadn’t. I originally requested to have a single embryo transfer, but under the circumstances we agreed that they should thaw the second embryo.

A long hour later they called me to say that this one was developing ‘slightly’ and that she had witnessed ‘some changes’. We arrived at the clinic and agreed to transfer them both despite the fact that the first embryo was still doing absolutely nothing whatsoever. She did say that although it wasn’t developing, it also wasn’t degenerating and was still ‘viable’ in the sense that it appeared to have survived the thaw. That embryo was graded a 1dd. The one that was beginning to develop was given a 1cc.

I have heard of cc embryos making babies, although I do wish this one wasn’t quite so abnormally slow to wake up from its frozen slumber. I have literally not heard of a dd embryo doing anything at all so if you have a story about one of those you can hit me with it. In the face if you like, I don’t mind.

Mr B has gone out for fish and chips. My go-to meal of comfort. I have told a couple of close friends about this cycle and I have been disappointed with their responses to my news today. Dismissive is the word I would use to describe them. With a capital D. I have also, sadly, for reasons I should probably not go into detail about, not told close family I have had a transfer. I miss being able to talk about what is going on when it is so difficult, so exhausting, so emotional and so unpredictable.

I have also not rested and will be carrying heavy things and not resting henceforth so I hope all of that advice is actually guff to be ignored.

Think I will still eat pineapples though, just be be on the safe side.

BB xx

30 thoughts on “Cs and Ds

  1. Aislinn

    I know hope seems slim, so I will hope for you! I’m sorry your friends and family have been less than supportive, I hope they come around in time ❤

    1. barrenbetty Post author

      I am still full this morning. They were huge! I’m going to try and stay hopeful but I feel like it’s waning already. They are just such poor grades and so slow 😦

  2. kiftsgate

    And I managed to log on!!! Well done me; it only took like 4 of your posts..
    I’m sorry the thawing didn’t go as well as it should have.. still I route for both cc and dd and I think that as long as they allow a transfer, there is some hope.
    Your friends aren’t cool.. I’m far but you know you can text anytime!
    Finally, for what regards lifting etc., I don’t think it makes a difference. I know it’s not the same, but I got pregnant during a ski trip and during which I had some seriously epic falls and carried around 8 kilos of baby up and down the stairs and up snowy hills for days. I do know it’s not the same but still.. if they want to stick, they will.. whether you carry around your princess or not..
    Sending lots of love and thoughts.xx

    1. barrenbetty Post author

      I do expect you to comment on all my posts, as well as text me on a regular basis. I know you aren’t busy or anything so you have plenty of time to dedicate to me.

      That has made me feel much better about lifting and rushing about… there is no way around it at the moment so absolutely no way I can take it easy!

  3. wheresourpup

    Fingers crossed for you girl. Grading is just a snap shot of that moment, all they have to go on. It’s all so unknown what happens beyond that. There’s probably plenty of people walking round that started out as dd’s.
    I always find with Internet stories the least attractive looking embryos are the ones that take. The waiting game is so horrible. When is your test date?

    1. barrenbetty Post author

      Thank you lady. I feel a bit better about the grading now I’ve thought about it and more bummed out that they either weren’t re-expanding or only doing it very slowly. Anyway, nothing to do now but wait! OTD is 9th Nov, lol. I am just having an argument with myself about how early to start poas.

  4. redbluebird

    I’m hoping hard for you and those little ones! My RE was all about doing normal things, including exercise and just basically going about your business after IUI or transfer.

    1. barrenbetty Post author

      Thank you! That is reassuring. There is absolutely no way I can take it easy or rest or not lift heavy things blah blah blah… I wish they wouldn’t say it! All the babies who get conceived naturally don’t get this special treatment around implantation so I am going to try and not stress about it x

  5. superfoodanita

    PUPO!!!! 🙂 All the best with this frostie lovely. I really really really hope it sticks for you. All the best with the next 2 weeks. I hope you don’t go loopy. haha post heaps of whacky penis trees or something quirky. You always find something new. xx

    1. barrenbetty Post author

      Thank you my friend! Good idea re penis tree photography to keep me occupied. Time is actually going pretty fast so far… I’m itching to crack into my hpt stash but am holding strong (for now).

      1. superfoodanita

        Ahhh crap where is my brain?! I hate those stupid tests! I saw 1 friggin line way too many times. But this isn’t about me. Go you!!! Hold out testing as long as you can or they’ll start playing stupid mind fuck games on you. Sending strength. I can’t believe you have a stash! Actually I can. Hey can you please draw a cartoon? 🙏 I remember you had a really funny one once, probably more than once.

  6. kazzymac

    Hey I’m just stalking your blog 😀 first of all- you have had one of heck of a journey but well done you xx secondly- this happened to me. We had two AB blastocysts in the freezer and both recently did the same on the day of the thaw. Did you get any explanation why this happened?! Or is it just Sod’s law? Good luck with your next xx

    1. barrenbetty Post author

      Hello! Stalk away! Unfortunately I got the sorry about that, Sod’s law explanation. Did you find out anymore? I hope you have better luck next time. Crappy cycles are miserable x

      1. kazzymac

        No not yet. I have my WTF appointment next week and I’m fully preparing myself for that explanation! I did wonder if they would blame poor eggs which I half expect I have. All the best with you too! X

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