Oh good. Hello, friend.

Every single BFN cycle I have had has started with my old friend Red – usually at something obscene like 9-10 days post egg collection. Why break the habit of a lifetime now I guess, at 5dp5dt.

I have of course POAS. Sigh. Go away POAS police, a bit further, further *pushes off cliff*. Of course it is a BFN so early. Especially given my embryos were more tortoise rather than hare. I never even got to POAS properly on my other BFN cycles since that stupid Red Bitch arrived so early there was literally no point.

I believe I have already said that it is my 10 year wedding anniversary this week. It will be on 9dp5dt, fact fans, by which time I am pretty sure I will have concrete BFN evidence and a glass bottle of champagne in my hand. I hope Mr B knows its BYOB.

It’s halloween today so I am going to go back to what all normal people do and close my curtains, turn the lights out and watch Netflix in the dark in my bedroom.

BB xx

14 thoughts on “Red

    1. barrenbetty Post author

      Aww, thank you! Sorry I did mean to post but we have been away for our wedding anniversary. And i have been suitably shit faced. Sigh. Bye bye frosties. I need to call my clinic but I can’t face it yet… I don’t feel capable of making any decisions about what to do next! I think I am going to bury my head in the sand for a while instead. How are you getting on? I need to catch up on blogs now I’ve got me wifi back x

  1. wheresourpup

    Did you go anywhere nice? Sorry to hear about your cycle dude, it completely and utterly sucks! Burying your head in the sand sounds like a good idea, this infertility lark is sooo draining.
    I’m PUPO at the moment. Home alone tonight and determined not to fall down the rabbit hole of googling everything, so I’m catching up on The Missing and then Dark Angel is on later. Recommend them as a distraction!


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