We Are Go

Why hello fair maidens and men folk,

It took a bit of wrangling, but I believe we Are Go* for egg collection in theatre tomorrow. The clinic were actually turned down yesterday by the Very Important Gate Keepers Of The Theatre Waiting List. Thankfully the senior nurse took pity on me and marched down there in person to bust some ninja moves and squeeze me in. Phew.

Scan news was actually better than Friday. I mean, still complete shite (thank you ovaries), but I’ve had worse. There are now 3 follicles measuring 20-24mm so well and truly ready for egg collection. Either the sonographer on Friday got the measurements wrong or that means those 3 follicles all grew 7-9mm in 3 days. There are another 2 at 13 and 14mm. I have never had an egg immature or not from a follicle that small. Have you? Realistically I think the best I can hope for is 3 eggs. I need to pray they are mature because that is another problem I have had in previous cycles and we don’t have much to play with if there will only be a maximum of 3 eggs. I am trying not to dwell on my 2nd and 3rd egg collections – 2 eggs and 3 eggs respectively but only 1 mature and fertilised each time (resounding BFNs too – barely made it 9dpt before AF swooped in to claim victory).

I need to request hCG booster injections (if I have a transfer, please let me have a transfer) but I was too scared to ask too many additional questions yesterday when my main focus was sorting out the egg collection.

Other news:

Utrogestan is still the disgusting goop of satan

I have a STINKING cold (do you think that is bad? By that I mean, please tell me it’s not bad)

I am absolutely sick of eating protein

My egg collection is at 7.30am tomorrow so at least I won’t have too long to panic beforehand.

BB xx


*I said this in a Thunderbirds voice over voice


13 thoughts on “We Are Go

  1. journeyformybaby

    I’ve heard that colds lower your immunity and might help your body be more excepting of the embabies. Not sure if it’s true but I’ve gotten pregnant 3 times while I was fighting some germ or the other. (Uti, toncillitis, cold) So I’m inclined to believe it’s true.

    Best wishes for egg collection and for healthy embabies to transfer. 🙂

  2. Dreaming of Diapers

    Well…I am just catching up…but I must say…good to be reading you again Betty 🙂 Glad you are a go for egg collection…I usually only have around 4 eggs and as far as the cold…the cycle where I had a cold yielded the best results as for blasts. Best of luck friend! xo

    1. barrenbetty Post author

      Thank you my old friend 🙂 That is interesting about the cold! I feel like absolute turd balls so hopefully it’ll work the same for me! I’m so nervous tonight!!

  3. Izzy

    Actually, it is a well known scientific fact that eggs wrangled from flu-ridden women turn into quality, highly-intelligent, well-dressed and high-achieving embryos who look after their ageing parents’ every whim. One should always aim to feel like total cack for egg collection! You, my dear, are on the olympic gold platform of egg collectionisms. Will be thinking of you tomorrow xxx

  4. EmilyMaine

    Yay things are go. That’s one hurdle out of the way! And no, I don’t think a cold is a big deal at all. Sometimes it is better that the immune system is down, means it can’t kill off any of the good stuff by accident. Crossing fingers you get THE perfect egg in your batch tomorrow. x

  5. wheresourpup

    Yay your blogging again!
    Fantastic that your back on the horse. Got everything crossed for you.
    Just been through another fresh cycle myself, transfer was on Saturday and have had horrific 24 hour bug, and worrying that means game over.
    Got everything crossed for you guys, good luck!!


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