The End

Well, that was a terribly unexciting end to our child making efforts. No eggs. Empty follicles. Goodbye IVF and so long to having the family I had envisaged. 

I’m not sure it’s wise to get drunk the day of egg collection but since that didn’t technically happen I fully intend on it later on.

BB xx

15 thoughts on “The End

  1. Bachelor's Button

    Am so sorry. Had a similar moment two years ago. I would say that it is wine o’clock now and that tomorrow should involve hungover no holding back sobbing. Thereafter it is a journey towards acceptance. I am still travelling there. Thinking of you. Hx

  2. Izzy

    I am so sorry. I even told the dogs about you on our walk this morning (they have been my biggest boost towards a sad acceptance). You could not have done more. Sending you the biggest hug ever followed by a huge barrel of wine. You’ve done amazing xxx

  3. Dubliner in Deutschland

    oh no! I am heartbroken for you. Empty follicles is so crap, I’m still not totally sure of why it happens. I really wish you had a different outcome. Definitely have some drinks tonight, you deserve if after what you’ve been through. Hugs x

  4. wheresourpup

    So sorry to hear this, completely and utterly sucks!
    Might not be the best idea to drink today as the sedative effects will be greater from the anaesthetic.
    Please keep us posted with how your feeling x x x x x x x x x x x


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