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Oh good. Hello, friend.

Every single BFN cycle I have had has started with my old friend Red – usually at something obscene like 9-10 days post egg collection. Why break the habit of a lifetime now I guess, at 5dp5dt.

I have of course POAS. Sigh. Go away POAS police, a bit further, further *pushes off cliff*. Of course it is a BFN so early. Especially given my embryos were more tortoise rather than hare. I never even got to POAS properly on my other BFN cycles since that stupid Red Bitch arrived so early there was literally no point.

I believe I have already said that it is my 10 year wedding anniversary this week. It will be on 9dp5dt, fact fans, by which time I am pretty sure I will have concrete BFN evidence and a glass bottle of champagne in my hand. I hope Mr B knows its BYOB.

It’s halloween today so I am going to go back to what all normal people do and close my curtains, turn the lights out and watch Netflix in the dark in my bedroom.

BB xx