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Cats are naturally ego friendly and so are cat hair crafts

I know a lot of us here (me excluded since my entire family and husband are all allergic to fur, sensitive souls) have fur babies. I also know from reading your blogs, as well more generally sensing it through the interwaves, that you are a crafty bunch. Well ladies you can thank me later, I found you this.

How did I live 31 years and 352 days (yes this is a hint for presents) and not know that crafting with cat hair was a thing?

Reading reviews on Amazon is one of my favourite past times. Here are some of my favourite reviews from Crafting with Cat Hair:

“I thought this was disappointing and wondered why there weren’t more “real” cat hair projects (like rings, bracelets and other small items)”

I don’t know girls, maybe the more serious cat lovers out there can shed some light on this, but cat fur jewellery? I remain unconvinced and slightly itchy at the thought.

Great book but my wife didn’t appreciate it as a birthday present and hasn’t made me anything.”

Oh Derek, this is sad. I bet Derek spent years surrounded by malting cats, fur piling up around his chair. He would pick up the fur balls and let them run through his fingers, shivering with cold from the draughty windows in his ineffectual, fraying aged cardigan. He would huddle round his small coal fire and shake his head at the waste of all that lovely cosy cat fur. Then finally, FINALLY he finds this book and buys it for his dear wife for her birthday. Shame on you Derek’s wife. Shame. On. You.

“‘Crafting with Cat Hair’ was originally written in Japanese. It is therefore the product of another culture, and this should be taken into account before laughing at it… In a Western context, then, this book might best be viewed as providing an insight into Japanese feminine crafting traditions rather than an introduction to a hobby that anyone would seriously consider taking up.”

Okay, I feel bad now. I am also judging Japanese feminine crafters which is making me feel even worse.

A happy story to end on:

“Now I fill my days creating wonderful finger puppets from genuine cat fur and I have the pleasure of sharing my hobby with the world. I show my creations to strangers on the bus (although I’m quite unlucky in that I always decide to show my puppets to people who are getting off at the next stop)”

Melts my heart. After my crafting with cat hair revelation, I went down the internet rabbit hole and ended up at taxidermy. Taxidermy is officially my new favourite thing. Gonna put this bad boy on my birthday list.

I don’t want to leave those of you with fur baby pooches out, so here you go.

According to the latest happy owner of Knitting with Dog Hair: Better a Sweater from a Dog You Know and Love Than from a Sheep You’ll Never Meet, “this is a fantastic book for all those people who prefer their own ‘home-grown’ products”. Now as you know, I have an allotment and am all about growing my own fruit and veg. I am not so sure about growing my own dog hair for clothes. What about you?

BB xx