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Cs and Ds

I am tired so I think I will just have to dive right in.

The first embryo they thawed didn’t do anything at all. The lab gave it 30 minutes then called me to say that it should have started to change and develop by now but it hadn’t. I originally requested to have a single embryo transfer, but under the circumstances we agreed that they should thaw the second embryo.

A long hour later they called me to say that this one was developing ‘slightly’ and that she had witnessed ‘some changes’. We arrived at the clinic and agreed to transfer them both despite the fact that the first embryo was still doing absolutely nothing whatsoever. She did say that although it wasn’t developing, it also wasn’t degenerating and was still ‘viable’ in the sense that it appeared to have survived the thaw. That embryo was graded a 1dd. The one that was beginning to develop was given a 1cc.

I have heard of cc embryos making babies, although I do wish this one wasn’t quite so abnormally slow to wake up from its frozen slumber. I have literally not heard of a dd embryo doing anything at all so if you have a story about one of those you can hit me with it. In the face if you like, I don’t mind.

Mr B has gone out for fish and chips. My go-to meal of comfort. I have told a couple of close friends about this cycle and I have been disappointed with their responses to my news today. Dismissive is the word I would use to describe them. With a capital D. I have also, sadly, for reasons I should probably not go into detail about, not told close family I have had a transfer. I miss being able to talk about what is going on when it is so difficult, so exhausting, so emotional and so unpredictable.

I have also not rested and will be carrying heavy things and not resting henceforth so I hope all of that advice is actually guff to be ignored.

Think I will still eat pineapples though, just be be on the safe side.

BB xx