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Dr Hero and some bonus jokes

Ok team, slightly disappointed that nobody played Spot the Barren. The answer was three, but I am keeping the prize since I am the only person who got it right.

Good news is, I have been to New Clinic. They were friendly, happy, smiley. If anything, my only criticism is that they were a bit too compassionate… I’m pretty sure the receptionist clasped me to her bosom when I arrived and the nurse gave me a long, understanding 20 second eye stare/hand hold when I informed her of my miscarriage. My new doctor seemed great. I’ve googled him and he has lots of fans online too. He wants to be more aggressive in my treatment as he didn’t feel that 2 eggs were a good enough haul last time.

My overriding impression of New Clinic was that they would be pro active. Their treatments are more personal and flexible. They were professional, but extremely personable and kind. Maybe it’s because I am paying now (*cries into an empty purse*). Who knows. Oh, and the waiting room had nice flowers in it, all good.

I can potentially go again at the end of October if my cycle returns in the not-too distant future. If not, I will down regulate over Christmas for a transfer in January. I think that’s probably the best plan; give my body and mind a bit of a break an’ all. I am terrified of how much worse the endometriosis will get in the meantime, but the doctor (let’s call him Dr Hero) went some way to alleviate my fears on that one.

Next steps are AMH (I’m not sure I am happy about this, sorta don’t wanna know) testing and a few other bloods this Friday, followed by an antral follicle count scan once my cycle comes back (anytime soon is fine by me if you are listening, uterus).

Small bit of Bad News. Paid to get a copy of my notes from Old Clinic. Read notes. Found out by reading notes that I have adenomyosis. Why, thanks for telling me! Apart from anything else, I can’t even say that word for shit.

I’ve been a bit gloomy recently, so here are some things that perked me up this week:

Googles searches for how people found my blog. I thought I should maybe respond/answer a few:

What is a dangerous enemy in sheep’s clothing?

It’s a very good job that you found me, friend. Hope is a dangerous enemy in sheep’s clothing. She leads you up the mountain with sweets and promises, then drops you from a great height. Reminder/warning:

Should I announce my pregnancy on Facebook?

Only if you want everyone you know to hate you.

Dog toilet greeting cards?

Is that a thing? I’m not going to google to find out. Is it “dog toilet, greeting cards” or “dog, toilet greeting cards”?

Don’t give a shit infertility

You tell ’em, sista!

My husband got drunk before EPU

I’m sorry, husbands eh? In his defence, I got completely shit faced before my last visit to the EPU.

Can you drink wine the day before an ERPC?

Hell yes you can.

Fun things infertility teaches you

I guess it depends on how much fun you find stabbing yourself in amusing bruise patterns, learning how to put things up your own bum and having multiple different people shine torches up your private parts while they rummage around.

Wee naked barren

Is that a command? I only normally do that in private, sorry.

Australian greeting anagram oldtoad

Was this you Ivffervescent? I’m not sure why you need to know, but as requested “G’day old toad” is an anagram of “old goaty dad”, “told dad yoga” and “dog told lady”

Ovarian torsion jokes

Ok, I’m not 100% convinced that ovarian torsion is that funny but here you go:

What did the left ovary say to the right ovary at the school dance? Lets to do the twist.

Ok, that is crap. Umm.

What did the left ovary say to the right ovary who twisted on its stem? Oh-vary dramatic of you.

No. Turns out everyone I know is right. I will never be a comedienne.

I’ll stop there before I go on forever. One final picture from outside a church that made me lolz proper:

BB xx