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5dp5dt and I’m too lazy to think up a better title

Oh, my. This waiting is as boring as hell.

I have been doing the prerequisite symptom-spotting this weekend since the embryo should have been doing it’s thang and been busy implanting itself. I’ve had a few twinges that got me excited. I mean, I had twinges on my BFP cycle! OH MY GOD. Oh, and on the BFN ones too. Oh yeah. Actually if anything, the twinges on the BFN cycles were more noticeable and just a precursor to my uterus gearing up for my period to start early (9 days post egg collection, fact fans).

Speaking of which, it is 10 days post egg collection today and there is no sign of The Witch yet. I mean, no visual confirmation. I do have cramps from hell. They haven’t changed gear yet though and reached the endometriosis-I-am-going-to-punish-you post IVF failure cramp level just yet. I know that crampy bitch well and she can shove off.

I am pleased that the hCG and progesterone combination appears to be holding The Witch at bay, for now at least. The cramps are definitely escalating though and it’s not making me hopeful.

In other non-news,

1. I am majorly bloated. It’s disgusting. I’ve weighed myself and I weigh the same. Weird. Side note: whenever I say to my husband I “got weighed” (usually followed by lamenting about being fat) he laughs at me. I think it’s grammatically incorrect, but he proper laughs everytime. It’s not funny is it?

2. I walked past this sign yesterday near my house:

If you can’t see it and/or read (why are you looking at blog posts?) it says, “CAUTION: anti climb paint”. Lolz. It made me laugh quite a bit. I would have laughed harder, but as long time readers will remember (you guys) I’ve already laughed at burglar proof paint in the shops once. How is that even a thing? Evidence it is a thing:

Several things perturbed me about this sign. a) There is clearly no paint on the wall… is this invisible burglar paint? b) The sign is really high up. Why put a sign so high up that most people would already have to be climbing up to read it? And lastly, c) it backs on to an old people’s home. Who even wants to steal them?

3. During the composition of this blog post the cramps have become significantly worse.

4. It’s really raining outside.

5. It’s 9am and I am still in my pyjamas, I should really get up and do stuff.

BB xx

Brrrr…. It’s FROSTIE(s)

The embryologists at my clinic are lovely, and dead clever. Sort of makes me want to be an embryologist because you also get to dress like a nurse, but you don’t have to do anything gross like wipe bums.

Anyway, after being told we find out about frosties via snail mail, “in a few weeks with the invoice” I thought, nah thanks. I am the lady who was told she’d never get blastocysts, never mind frozen embryos, remember? So I used the clever invention I know about called the t-e-l-e-p-h-o-n-e and spoke to them today.

I was feeling a little sorry for myself when I called because all the extra HCG in my system, plus the progesterone I guess, is making me feel awful sick. Nobody wants morning sickness when they aren’t pregnant. It’s depressing. I obviously wouldn’t give a rats ass if it meant I had a baby at the end, but since that’s all up in the air it was making me feel a bit sorry for myself. It also reminds me of being pregnant, which was over a year ago now. Sad.

Anyway, I was a bit miserable, but now I’m just sick and EXCITED because you guys, not only did they freeze 2, the little tricksters improved in quality to 4ba! They are bb’s no more.

I hope the one I have is following suit.

BB xx